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Kailyn Lowry Decides To Alter The Surname Of Her Baby, Romello Creed Lopez

Kailyn Lowry Decides To Alter The Surname Of Her Baby

Kailyn Lowry, one of the stars of “Teen Mom 2,” made headlines earlier this year when she revealed that she had changed her son’s last name, Creed Romello Lopez. 

The choice prompted discussion and controversy. Some praised Kailyn for wanting to foster a sense of harmony among her kids, while others chastised her for failing to consider Chris Lopez, the father of Creed.

Creed Romello Lopez was born on July 30, 2020, making him Kailyn Lowry’s youngest child. Kailyn, who rose to fame as one of the stars of MTV’s “Teen Mom 2,” has three other children from previous relationships: Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux. Creed is her first child with Chris Lopez, her on-and-off boyfriend.

Kailyn Lowry’s Decision To Change Romello’s Last Name

On her podcast “Coffee Convos,” Kailyn stated in March 2021 that she had changed Creed’s last name from Lopez to Lowry. She claimed that she had done this for all of her children to share the same last name and that she and Chris were no longer together.

On the podcast, Kailyn stated, “I feel like all of my kids ought to share the same last name.” Having the same last name as my children are crucial, especially since Chris and I are no longer together, and I share Lux and Creed with him.

It might be challenging to change a child’s last name. A judicial procedure must be followed to amend official documents, such as birth certificates, legally. In addition, it can be emotionally touchy, especially if the child’s biological father disagrees with the name change.

Kailyn remarked that changing Creed’s last name took a lot of work. I had to think about it a lot, she said. “I had to consider the benefits and drawbacks and make sure it was the correct decision for him.”

Reaction From Romello’s Father, Chris Lopez

ccc, who has a rocky relationship with Kailyn and is the father of Creed Romello Lopez, spoke out about her decision to change Creed’s last name in a now-deleted Instagram post. 

He expressed his displeasure with Kailyn’s choice and said he felt disrespected because he had always wanted his children to have his last name.

Parents frequently disagree on crucial choices involving their kids; Kailyn and Chris’s circumstance is no exception. Co-parenting can be difficult, especially when feelings are involved. Both parents need to speak clearly and collaborate to make decisions that put their children’s welfare first.

Chris’s response to the news illustrates the emotional toll that giving a child a new last name can take on a parent, especially if that parent and the child’s other parent do not get along well. Given the importance that many individuals have on their family name, it makes sense that he would feel upset and frustrated.

Chris Lopez, who has a contentious relationship with Kailyn, expressed his opinion on Kailyn’s choice to rename Creed in a since-deleted Instagram post. Chris said in the article, “It’s crazy since I’ve always wanted my kids to have my last name. “But again, some could care less about a child’s feelings or how it would impact them as they get older. 

All for their individual, selfish motives.” Chris’ dissatisfaction with the choice is evident, and he believes Kailyn failed to consider how it will affect Creed in the long run or emotionally. The situation highlights the emotional complexity of changing a child’s last name, especially when one parent objects. 

Did Kail change Creeds name without considering Chris’s wishes and the potential impact on their son’s well-being? The debate surrounding the issue continues, and we’ll likely hear more from both Kailyn and Chris as they navigate this sensitive topic.

Public Reaction To The News

The public’s reactions to the news that Kailyn decided to change Creed’s last name have conflicted. Several people have complimented Kailyn for putting her family first and making a challenging choice for her kids. But on the other hand, some have criticized her for failing to consider Chris’ feelings and making a choice that would later hurt Creed’s emotional state.

Fans have used social media extensively to voice their perspectives on the subject. Several have backed Kailyn, with one supporter tweeting, “I completely comprehend Kailyn’s decision to change Creed’s last name. However, given that she has more children with other men, all her children must share the same last name.”

Others have criticized Kailyn’s choice, with one supporter saying, “Without Chris’s consent, Kailyn is not permitted to change Creed’s last name. It’s rude and self-centered.”

The controversy surrounding the name change has sparked a debate about the legal and emotional implications of changing a child’s last name, especially in cases where the other parent has objections. Did Kail change Creeds name without considering Chris’s feelings?

Changing a child’s last name can be a delicate subject from an emotional standpoint, significantly if it impacts their relationship with one or both parents. Therefore, parents must speak with one another and consider the potential effects on their child’s mental well-being.


Kailyn Lowry’s decision to change her son Creed Romello Lopez’s last name from Lopez to Lowry has sparked controversy and debate among fans and critics alike. While Kailyn has stated that she decided with the best interests of her children in mind, some have criticized her for not considering the feelings of Creed’s father and potentially causing emotional harm to her son in the future.

In the end, the circumstance serves to emphasize the difficulties that can occur when attempting to make decisions that are in the best interests of the child as well as the intricacies of co-parenting. To make decisions that emphasize their children’s welfare and consider the needs and feelings of all parties involved, parents need to collaborate and communicate with one another.

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