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Summer 2022 Guide to Allergies


Summertime proves challenging to those with allergies. During these sunny, warm months, many plants pollinate. While they’re blossoming and thriving, your nose and throat may not feel the same, growing itchy, stuffy, and swollen.

Pollen isn’t disappearing overnight, so it’s best to arm yourself with the tools to fight off the sniffles and keep you going strong. Stock up on histamine homeopathic medicine and read more to learn valuable tips for minimizing your reactions and exposures.

1. Try OTC Remedies First

Unfortunately, while nature is beautiful, it doesn’t always sit well with the immune system. Many people suffer from pollen irritations, and walking outdoors could expose you and others to a lot of it.

When pollen enters the body, often breathed in through the nose, the immune response kicks into action, signaling it to fight off the intruders. The reaction causes an increase in histamine development.

Give yourself a leg up from the sneezing and watery eyes by taking an over-the-counter option that alleviates inflammation and histamine buildup. Try saline rinses daily to wash out the nasal passages and keep the body well hydrated to flush out irritants.

2. Plan Outdoor Time Wisely

Many weather apps inform viewers about more than sunshine and rain. They note the amount and type of pollen in the area. Stock up on the best over the counter flu medicine, and take time to contemplate your excursions.

During high count days, consider switching to an indoor activity. In addition, the wind picks up the spores, sending them further and around. Skip the hike that morning and consider wandering around an indoor facility instead. If you do head out, wear long-sleeve clothing and opt for a face mask.

3. Shower When You Come Inside

Elements stick to your clothes and body. Reduce your exposure by washing them off when you arrive back home. Take off your outdoor attire, and throw clothes into the wash. Hop in the shower to rinse off irritants. 

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4. Dust and Vacuum Regularly

Keeping up with your household chores could aid undereye circles and congestion. Dust and pet hair exacerbate allergies. Therefore, wipe down your furniture at least once, not twice a week. Vacuuming frequently picks up participles that burrow deep into the carpets and rugs.

5. Keep Shoes Outside

Do you like to wear those shoes around the house? Your feet may enjoy the cushion, but with each footstep, you’re spreading contaminants throughout your space. Those shoes pick up pollen and mold when you’re walking outside. Leave them outside or in a location near a door.

6. Use a HEPA Filter in Your Air Conditioner

The air conditioner keeps you cool, but it also circulates air. If pollen and mold get inside, the unit picks them up and moves them to various rooms. High-efficiency particulate absorbing filters, HEPA filters, catch the irritants to reduce their flow and count.

Don’t let the sniffles keep you down this summer. Help your body overcome the reactions by researching cold and flu remedies homeopathic products and adopting steps to minimize exposure levels.

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