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Steve Janowitz & Joy Behar

Steve Janowitz

Look into the detailed biography of Steve Janowitz. The celebrity husband from his late 70s has been taking limelights after marrying the 77-years old American actress & comedian Joy Behar. Steve has been taking up the social trends & has been of great interest to the masses. Scroll until the end to discover all about him.

Steve Janowitz Wiki: Brief Biography

Steve Janowitz has been known in the entertainment industry for over three decades now but, definitely not for his contribution to it. He has been a popular name in the town for dating “The View” co-host Joy Behar. Born in 1942, Steve is currently a retired high school teacher from the States. There aren’t many of his personal or background details of him available on the internet.

Steve Janowitz Brief Biography

The majority of these pieces of information include his DOB, birthplace, family, childhood & educational background. However, he is an American citizen and follows white ethnicity. Steve kept himself ways apart from the paparazzi world for a very long time. The now husband of senior actress Behar has been a catchy topic since 2011 when he tied the knot with her.

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Steve Janowitz launched into his career soon after he completed his graduation. He took up the job of a college teacher after college. Soon he switched in as a high school teacher and has been one throughout his life until retirement. He did not disclose any of his personal particulars on the public front.

His Career

Steve is a retired High school teacher & a philanthropist for a very long time. He has been volunteering to work for a variety of NGOs for the ultimate good. The old American man started up his career soon after his graduation as a teacher & worked as one for over 45-years of his life.

Janowitz Net Worth

Steve Janowitz Net Worth

Joy Behar’s handsome old husband gathered himself quite a fortune for a commoner as a teacher. This reasonable amount was all about his dedicated teaching profession of about four-and-a-half decades. Currently resting as a retired man, Steve had earned an average of over $42k dollars annually. His estimated net worth is around $800 thousand. On the contrary, his wife, the 77-years old gorgeous comedian rules over the approximate value of about $12Million. She amassed this sum from her successful career in the film and television industry.

Steve Janowitz Wife Joy Behar

Steve Janowitz Wife Joy Behar

Steve walked down the aisle for Joy Behar at the ripened age of above sixty in august, 2011. The three-decade-old couple tied knot in a private ceremony citing privacy from paparazzi. Yes, that’s right. The two oldies dated each other for 29 years before vowing to share weal and woes together. He is currently married to Joy Behar who is widely popular for her works in ‘The View,’ ‘The Joy Behar Show,’ & ‘Late Night Joy.’

Joy Behar is as already mentioned above a very versatile and successful actress popular worldwide. They began dating each other in the year 1982 and have been together since then. They stayed courted until marriage after 29 years. The old couple even shared an engagement in 2009 but called it a quit before the wedding citing personal issues.

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Before Janowitz, Joy was married to Joseph Behar who was a professional director. The two shared a marriage for about 16 years. They even welcomed a daughter named Eve Behar in 1970. Eve is now a grown-up family woman with her own kids now.

Joy Behar & Husband Steve Janowitz in News

Joy Behar & Husband Steve Janowitz in News

There were a variety of reasons for the delay in the wedding by the two. Some of these reasons took up the news for quite some time. Let’s check into some of the popular news of Steve Janowitz & his wife Joy Behar.

  • The popular Hollywood couple announced their engagement publically in 2009 but called it off soon after some issues in their friend circle. Explaining the scene in detail, Joy said that they are waiting for same-sex marriage to be legalized in the States. A gay couple of friends of Joy suffered due to the illegal same-sex marriage where one of them lost his life. That was when Behar decided to wait until the legalization of it in the country.

During this breakup, Steve and Joy had been in a relationship for about 26 years. In her statement, Behar said-

“Somebody That I know lost her partner. They were gay women. And the partner was in the hospital, and she had to pretend that she was her sister in order to really deal with stuff. I don’t want that to happen to us and I also just feel that I want to.” Behar said that she did not wish to talk about it anymore when she broke it off. She said, “What I’ll do is we’ll get married, and then I’ll tell it.

  • Joy Behar also took up the news section when she stated that she did not wish to marry Janowitz until his parents were alive. In an appearance on the Rachel Ray show, Joy said that she did not wish to have any in-laws and wanted to wait until they were deceased. The 77-years old actress said, “I waited until all the parents were dead. So I have no in-laws at all. He has none and I have none. ‘Cause marriage is mostly about in-laws, I find. They always want you to visit them and come for lasagna.” Both of her parents were dead long before she announced her engagement with Janowitz and finally decided to move ahead in their relationship when his parents were demised too.

Both Steve and Joy have been happily married for about 9 years now. They reside in their 1,400 square ft. apartment. The only child amidst them is Behar’s daughter, Eve, from her previous relationship with Joseph Behar. Eve is happily married in her life. The old couple thus lives all alone in their 3-bedroom apartment on the sixth floor in the Upper West Side of New York City.

Behar and Steve have been utilizing their lonely apartment in a variety of ways by holding parties and get-togethers with their close friends and relatives. Praising the environment & neighborhood of her residential area, she said, “The location has everything I need.”

A few of the many reasons to marry Steve Janowitz as per Behar was, that she was tired of her relatives calling her boyfriend ‘that old man.’ She also decided to wed Steve because she was tired of waiting for Wolf Blitzer to propose to her. Wolf is a journalist and had been Behar’s year-old crush. The couple of Steve and Behar currently live in an open marriage. She claims that they are both free to sleep with other people on the couches.

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