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5 Main Topics Covered in the Advanced Sports Nutrition Certification Online Course!

Sports Nutrition Certification

Learning advanced sports nutrition is key to being able to help elite athletes fuel their bodies and recover properly after a match or game! Let’s discuss the main topics that you will cover during this course. 

5 main topics in advanced sports nutrition certification online courses!

If you are considering taking the online course to earn your certification for athlete nutrition, then you need to know what you are going to get yourself into. Click here to get information about the five main topics that you are going to cover – and why they are important when it comes to working with intense and elite individual and team athletes who are trying to perform to the best of their ability in their respective sports! 

Healthy eating

Although this may seem basic, learning the basics of healthy eating is key for all athletes. Some atheists may be performing at a high level, but they are not fueling their bodies properly. They will be able to succeed even more if they learn the basics of healthy eating, such as balancing their carb and fat intake, learning the right types of fats to eat, pre-game ruling, and much more. Learn how to prescribe your athlete tips and guidance on healthy eating by taking the advanced sports nutrition certification online course.

Control the energy

The next aspect that you will learn in the advanced sports nutrition certification online course is energy distribution and management – you need to make sure that the athletes have enough energy stored to be used at the right times. If the athletes eat a little too far before a match, they will be running on empty by the time it is competition. Instead, they need to learn how to fuel their body so they can have energy distributed evenly through the game and throughout the training session. Recommend giving basic rules to new athletes who need some help, such as eating 3 meals per day with snacks in between. You want to make sure your athlete is never hungry or thirsty during the day.

Pre-competition fueling

The next aspect that you will cover in the advanced sports nutrition certification online course is pre-match fueling. Figure out how much fuel your athletes need, the type of fuel they need, and when they should beat before training or competition. Pre-exercise eating is a key skill to master – you want to avoid eating too much, as this can lead to sluggishness and cramps and avoid eating too little, as this will lead to fatigue. Make sure you have your athlete eat high carbs and eat a healthy dinner the night before a game! 


Recovery is key – without recovery, you will not be able to prepare for the next game or match. Make sure you coach your athletes on how to rehydrate after a game, a healthy type of meal to refuel your body after expending energy, and when to eat. 

Weight obsession

The last aspect that you will learn in the advanced sports nutrition certification online is to avoid being obsessed with numbers on the scale if you are working with athletes. Athletes will gain and lose muscle/fat through the seasons and off-season, so make sure your athlete does not focus too much on the numbers. 


By taking the advanced sports nutrition certification online, you can learn important aspects of athlete nutrition that will help you succeed. Teach your athletes how to eat before a competition, how to recover, and how to best fuel their bodies for their spots!  

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