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Some Small Neighborhood Areas to Wander Around in London

Wander Around in London

There are plenty of things that people love about London. Following this, visiting London for traveling purposes is also highly rated. If you are also going to London to travel, this time, instead of all the popular places and major tourist attractions, you should consider exploring small neighborhood areas. These small areas have a lot of colors with historical details. It’s for sure unusual and new that you would love to visit. 

If you are visiting London, then note that Heathrow to London taxi is easily available for the ease of tourists. 

Here are some of the small neighborhood areas that you can go to. 

1. Dulwich:

It is a small leafy village located in south London. This is a small area with a lot of things for you to explore. It features a famous picture gallery; streets have a lot of cafes, and white wooden signs on streets of fingers pointing out directions. Moreover, there is a park that has a pond, and you can paddle a boat there. Dulwich is a gem with pretty color doors and tree-lined streets. 

If you want to feel free away from all the busy city life, then this is the place you should go. 

2. Kensington:

This small neighborhood area of London is the most elegant one. All the impressive houses in Kensington, along with the palace garden to its calm, quiet side of church streets, this is the London area with a lot of details.

The Kynance Mews are adorable in spring and fall and the gardens of Kensington in summer. Alongside all this, there is a bustling high street, pubs with floral adornment, and buildings with candy cane stripes, yes, a worth visiting place. 

3. Notting Hill:

It would be an injustice to complete the list of small neighborhood areas without mentioning Notting Hill on the north side of London. This is the place known because of its colorful houses and vibrant markets. Due to this, the streets of this area have to sound with sights. 

Apart from the Portobello Road, Notting Hill features great maws for you to wander around and a lot of restaurants and shops that attract people to come to this small area. 

If you are a book lover, there are special bookstores like Books for Cooks. And to enjoy a bit later in a pub you can go to The Oak. So yes, a pretty great deal with a lot of fun it would be.

4. Primrose Hill:

Again in the Northside of London, Primrose Hills is another sweetest area you should visit. The area has Chaltcot Square and pastel houses. There are pubs for your enjoyment, too, like The Engineer Fronting Pretty Beer Gardens.

All the streets of Primrose Hill are quite lovely to just simply wander with a flower shop or boutique that you can explore. And yes, the best thing you can do there is to view from the top of the hill. You will really enjoy feeling the London skyline. 

5. Mayfair:

This list would be incomplete without mentioning Mayfair. This is a luxury area of London that is full of beauty. You can wander through the Mount Street Gardens, peace of brown hart gardens. The brown hart garden is known to rise above the street literally and metaphorically. 

And then there come the houses in Mayfair that are always bulging with flowers and pubs that stand alone in between the modern buildings

Visiting Mayfair will be a great choice you will make for your vacation this time. 

Final Words:

If you are on a budget and still want to go somewhere to refresh your mind, then these small areas of London should be on your list. London airport taxi would also help you to reach your destination with convenience. So why not give a shot to a small area in London this time?

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