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Software for Asphalt Paving: Why It’s Needed?

Asphalt Paving

The paving contractors sector is constantly evolving; new standards, materials, techniques, and equipment are introduced. This is a response to customers’ demands for high-quality work and quick turnaround time. For paving contractors to stay ahead of the competition, software programs are vital to ensure company success and growth.

Over the recent years, we’ve seen asphalt paving companies roll out innovative technologies to boost operational efficiency, ensure project quality, and increase revenues. Many of these IT solutions focus on quickly getting the asphalt delivered to the job site without costly delays and losses.

Software and apps meet the IT needs of small business paving contractors. These IT solutions bring everything you need into your PC or mobile gadget. All necessary paperwork like contracts and quotations, site map and development plans, punch lists and project schedules, and taxation documents are all easily accessible on your devices. Likewise, crucial aspects of the operations can further be improved with software solutions.

How Paving Companies Use Software Solutions

If you are in the paving industry and have not explored current IT trends, you may be losing a lot. Let’s check out the different ways software solutions help paving contractors.

Logistical Efficiency

An experienced Florida asphalt paving contractor, ABC Paving, emphasized that any delays in asphalt delivery could mean losses. Logistical systems eliminate unnecessary stops and delays in the delivery chain. Sensors are installed on pavers and trucks to give real-time information such as the hot mix asphalt’s viscosity, temperature, and volume. These applications can be easily downloaded into your mobile devices and allow you to track the location and status of your fleet. There are also systems that contractors can use to find nearby haulers, similar to Lyft and Uber ride.

Ticketing System

A paper-based ticketing system is commonplace in the asphalt paving industry. Electronic load and unload tickets provide efficiency for paving contractors and workers. Haulers bring these records from the loading to the unloading site. This eliminates the need to fill out, file, and store paper tickets.

Improved Quality

Digitizing every step of the paving process boils down to better quality projects – and quality means more revenues. If there are no interruptions in the paving process, you can avoid bumps and the penalties that can be incurred. For a perfectly smooth surface, you may even be entitled to bonus money. At the same time, well-coordinated work prevents costly losses, especially with asphalt spoilage. Positive feedback from satisfied clients will surely attract new contracts and referrals.


From top management down to skilled workers, everyone owns a mobile device. This provides an opportunity for better collaboration that can translate to better efficiency and project timeliness. Real-time collaboration is essential in any construction project. Software programs provide team members with a platform to come together and share/discuss site maps, plans, and project files. By integrating the paving processes into a singular system, asphalt paving companies can minimize communication hiccups, delays, and rework rates.

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Project Management

In the construction sector, effective project management is key to success. Asphalt paving companies use project management software to ensure deadlines are met and quality assured. These software programs make managing, assigning, and monitoring tasks, schedules, and timelines easier. Some apps have job costing and measurement features, accounting and invoicing functions, scheduling, and integration with other software.

Measurements and Job Costing

Asphalt paving contractors utilize cloud-based software to measure and bid jobs using GPS, aerial imagery, and 3D depiction. These apps offer more efficient, faster, and accurate project proposals. There is no need to drive to the site for a property measurement as this app does it for you. It allows you to send project proposals immediately. Take note that a day of delay can cost you a potential project in a highly competitive marketplace.

There is an abundance of asphalt paving software and cloud-based apps that you can utilize to improve your operational efficiency further. You can transform and bring your business to greater heights with the right tools and implementation.

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