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What Things To Carry With You To Sober Living Home?

Sober Living Home

Planning to move into a sober living home to get away from your drug addictions? You have made a great decision. A sober home is where you can set your priorities straight and get your life back on its track. These places offer you the freedom to relax and unwind, while your addictions slowly escape your mind. Now, what would you need to take with you into a sober home?

Take All The Necessary Clothes To Your Stay

Depending upon the length of your stay, you can take all the clothes you will need for a week. That includes everything from your shirts and trousers to your inner garments. Of course, you can wash them at the facility too. You won’t have to carry your bedspreads or linen sheets with you though. The facility will provide them for you. Nor do you have to take laundry detergents and cleaning supplies. Just the clothes would be enough.

You Need To Bring Your Toiletries

You must take your toiletry supplies with you. This includes your personal razor, shaving cream, aftershave, deodorant, toothbrush, soaps, etc. These items cannot be provided by the facility, for each person has their own preferences over them. Hence, it is usually advised to the participants to bring these items with them.

You Can Take Your Personal Photos & Other Memorabilia

Now, these are very necessary we would say. Your pictures of you and your loved ones together, their gifts to you, or any other memorabilia are encouraged by the facility. These items give you a sense of security while you stay there and they also give you a sense of purpose. The thought about your loved ones will keep you motivated during your sober living phase in the house.

Never Carry Any Addictive Substances

Carrying an extra stash of drugs with you can be the most dangerous idea you can have. A sober house is designed to help you get away from the drugs, not to get addicted even more. Many people fear they might get jittery without their drugs and try to carry some into sober living home. Unfortunately for them, there won’t be any chance to use them while they stay there. To be on the safe side, you better not take any drugs with you when you get into a sober house.

You Can Take Your Work-Related Materials Like A Laptop

There are growing numbers of people working from homes these days. If you are one of those people who carry your work with you wherever you go, you can always take them to the sober facility. Take your laptops, books, and any work-related items with you. Anything that keeps you occupied and away from drug-related thoughts is good. However, take caution so that you don’t fall addicted to the screens and devices. In fact, these can also put you back on the road to addiction.

If you are looking for sober homes to join, you should consider Eudaimonia Recovery Homes in Austin, Texas. They have a state-of-the-art facility with all the comforts and urgent care that you will need.

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