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Skincare Tips To Look Younger


Just another day on social media – You came across a skincare influencers post and you head out to her bio only to find out she is a mom of 3 and could potentially be in your friend circle (considering her age) Like, seriously?

Now, most people can brush it off thinking of botox treatment or facial uplifting. But to be honest only treatments are not the answers for healthy-looking younger skin.

A good skincare routine with the right products, and consistency has the power to make your skin look just like the influencer we talked about.

An average woman uses at least 12 self-care products every day. No this doesn’t mean that you need to have an elaborate skin-care regime with premium products. With just a few products and tips in mind, you will be able to boost your skin’s health now and even in the future.

And who doesn’t want that?

So, let’s take a look at a few skincare tips for younger-looking skin.

1. Use retinol products

One of the recent additions to skincare routines, retinol has quickly found itself in every woman’s vanity because of its amazing properties that delay ageing. Yes, it cannot stop what is inevitable but retinol has proved to delay all the features related to skin ageing.

It makes the skin supple, treats the fine lines, wrinkles, improves texture, and uplifts the skin. If combined with the right acids, it also helps to achieve brighter skin, minimize breakout, and control excess oils on the face.

Retinol is not recommended if you are in your teens. However, if you are in your mid-20s and 30ws, then this product should be on your skincare list without fail.

2. Make sunscreen your best friend

Sunscreen is the most important part of your skincare routine. Literally, the most important. It doesn’t matter if you are staying inside, or it’s cloudy, raining, dusty, or snowing. Sunscreen should be applied to your face, twice a day.

Make sure to get the one that has a broad spectrum of SPF30 or SPF50 and does not leave a white cast on your face. Squeeze the tube to get a good amount on your hands and rub it on your face until it gets mixed.

Start including this product in your skincare routine today and your body will thank you in the future.

3. Use face massage

Facial oils and serums are the new trends in the skincare industry and for all the right reasons. These activities help the skin to get the necessary vitamins which further maintain the health of the facial skin.

While serums don’t require any facial massage, facial oils work better with massaging the face for a few mins. You can also use a jade roller or Gua-Sha, but fingers work perfectly fine as well.

Search for some face massage tutorial and practice it every day, you will notice a quick difference in your face shape and skin.

4. Never skip moisturiser

All skin types need moisturisers. If the moisturiser isn’t suiting you, it means it isn’t best for your skin type.

For instance, dry-skin people need a hyaluronic acid-infused moisturiser for deep hydration whereas for oily-skin people a gel moisturiser works wonders in giving the right hydration and controlling oil production. So, always check the label before buying it and use it twice every day.

5. Get treatments done

Treatments work best if your skin isn’t responding well to the skincare. They boost collagen production in your skin, remove the dead cells, and uplift the face.

It also helps the new cells hiding underneath come over the surface so the skin feels fresh and supple. And the best part is, you feel an instant glow on your face. When this happens, the skin becomes more ready to absorb the products and give that “no-makeup glow”.

If you want to know more about these treatments, visit

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6. Pay attention to your neck

We often forget the neck in spite of having a 7-step skincare routine for the face. But that’s not the correct way to do it.

You can do everything on your face but if the neck stays dirty, dry, and tanned, it looks quite unattractive. So, while going along with your routine, drag some on your neck and pamper it equally well.

Over to you…

One thing that you should remember is that ageing is inevitable. We can only delay it but the process is bound to happen someday. So, instead of worrying about it, accept it. Because no product and treatment will work for you if you don’t love yourself.

So, good luck… and keep moisturising! 😉

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