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Six things you should know about personal injury lawsuits

personal injury lawsuits

Filling a personal injury claim can be very daunting. There are several legal details involved that the plaintiff may not know. Stumbling along the way and getting overwhelmed by various steps in the process is not an unheard-of consequence of filing a personal injury claim. But seasoned attorneys recommend the filers to know about certain aspects of a personal injury claim before setting foot into the process. Knowing the nitty-gritty makes the process smoother by removing unnecessary glitches. You can also not deny that proper knowledge about personal injury claims allows you to have more control. So, here are the things that you must know when thinking about filing a claim.

1. Personal injury claims are for your benefit

There is a lot that you have to face after an injury. Piles of medical receipts and bills, loss of income, hospital and travel expenses, mental turmoil, emotional fatigue are all painful consequences. Filing a personal injury claim helps compensate for your monetary loss and offers you some relief. It is an effort by the law to safeguard your financial future. 

2. Teaming up with a lawyer helps you recover more

On average, people who team up with lawyers can recover more than those who go through it alone. But some people shy away from contacting lawyers; they don’t realize finding one in their area is not a complicated process. In states like Tennesse, numerous lawyers and law firms are available to help you out. You can even find one in your city, so it’s easy to stay in touch. For instance, if you live in Knoxville, it would be better to search for a Knoxville personal injury attorney to file a claim rather than someone who lives in another city. The right lawyer has substantial experience in their field and can help you get a reasonable settlement. They know how to calculate the claim, estimate the cost and negotiate with the offender on your behalf. Your lawyer will also save time and try to conclude the case as soon as possible.

3. Make sure the insurance company is making a fair claim

Insurance companies are no friends of anyone. They will most probably try to get out of paying and will try to undermine the cost and impact of your injury. They can limit the amount of money they pay for your medical fees and other damages. Their undervaluing your claim can be damaging when you cannot fulfill your expenses and are left hanging dry in a financial crunch.  The impact of this unfair calculation can be more substantial when you cannot work due to physical injuries. Therefore, be vigilant when dealing with shrewd insurance adjustors.

4. Experience of your chosen lawyer matters

It is important to find a lawyer, but it is equally important for the lawyer to have ample experience. You must inquire about their success rate in cases similar to your situation and how much settlement amount they have recovered for their clients. Some aspects to consider are legal knowledge, medical understanding, and negotiation skills. The more experience they possess dealing with similar cases, the more is their chances of securing favorable outcomes for their clients.

5. Don’t settle on anything unless you discuss it with a personal injury lawyer

Insurance adjusters will often try to convince the victims not to contact a lawyer. For the sake of their own benefits, they won’t hesitate to throw you under the bus. So, you have to be very cautious prior to a personal injury claim. They will also try to convince you to deal with them directly without taking a lawyer on board. They can downplay the severity of your emotional and physical injury and undervalue your claim. Therefore, it is imperative not to sign any documents before you meet a seasoned attorney and discuss your case and get the compensation you deserve.

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6. You can earn compensation through either of the two ways

There are two ways to get your rightful compensation. The lawyers can help you file the claim and recover the expenses through a settlement of a court trial. A settlement is where the guilty party offers a sum of money to the plaintiff to drop the case. This process happens without going to court. The plaintiff can also authorize their lawyer to negotiate the settlement amount. On the other hand, a court trial takes the case to the judge or jury to decide after the court proceeding.

In most cases, the case is settled outside court without a trial. Besides, in trials, everything depends on the judge’s verdict, so there is always a risk and uncertainty involved. Lawyers take the case to court when they are sure of winning, and the settlement amount is not enough.


Personal injury claims help victims and their families receive their rightful compensation. Even if they are time-consuming, a seasoned attorney can help you get the best deal and hold the perpetrators responsible for their actions. Before you enter this process of filing a personal injury claim, discuss your options with a specialized attorney and do not succumb to the pressure of insurance companies.

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