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How long Does it Take to Get a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification?

Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Digitalization is rising and keeps everything under control around us. Everything goes digital from regular activities, like ordering food to learning a new course. Digitalization is highly useful for the human race. But the organizations involved in the whole digitalization process are confronted with a different issue.

All of our problems cannot be solved by technology alone. Therefore, to resolve challenges, we need successful management strategies. These obstacles or setbacks can prove very expensive for a business firm. Trends in emerging markets make businesses more competitive. Therefore companies must take drastic steps to remain on top of their game.

Quality management is a tricky thing in business projects. Motorola invented a genius method of management that changed the way people carry out business projects.

Generally, the time duration to get Lean Six Sigma certification takes about 12 days to a few weeks. The variation depends on the certification level you are at present. Therefore to better understand the certification process, you need to know more about Six Sigma.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a methodology and collection of tools that help us evaluate and enhance what we do. It can work in any sector and any form of the company because we have a method, we can research, calculate and develop anywhere.

The Six Sigma Methodology provides high quality, seeking to get perfection in goods or services sold by an agency, corporation, or business. It is a data-driven methodology that is highly disciplined to remove defects. This approach explains how systems work quantitatively.

Production enhancement meets the needs of the consumer of an organization satisfactorily. It’s a creative, useful tool that has become very popular in the world of business. The definition and the methods with the aid of those who use it were refined over the years.

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More about Six Sigma Certifications

Six Sigma certifications benefit people who want to learn the essential elements of business management. It teaches you how to check the quality and quantity of the project that yields better. The primary purpose of six sigma certifications is to provide people with more vital skills and to help companies achieve their goals.

Six Sigma Certifications – Key objectives

Six sigma certificates include tools and methods to improve business processes and eradicate defects. You will increase the efficiency of projects and make them cost-effective once you have earned certification.

Risks and errors belong to every project of an organization. Even if you cannot delete them entirely, Six Sigma will show you how to reduce them to a minimum. The key aim of six sigma certification is evaluating knowledge and specialization in the core project areas.

How to gain a Six Sigma Certification?

Post Graduate Program in Lean Six Sigma equips you with the essential skills and tools required to lead business excellence in transformative projects through waste reduction, quality management, and results. Choosing this program allows you to manage an organization and wish to make your team members certify. This program is a wise investment to enhance efficiency and collaboration or want a professional looking for a new career.

Six Sigma certifications are well-known as specialized courses. You must therefore understand essential project management to obtain the certificates. Also, there are different requirements for different certification levels. More importantly, to get a better understanding, you need to go through each level in detail.

Six Sigma Certification levels

The six Sigma certification process consists of five levels. Every level is divided into belts. Each belt has a color indicating the level of difficulty. The disparity between the belts is dependent on skills. Since each level gives a particular skill, you must gradually advance.

How long it takes to earn a Lean Six Sigma green belt?

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification program takes on average 2 to 7 weeks. This program is designed for actively involved people in projects and searching to get a professional working knowledge of Lean Six Sigma. This intermediate certification program provides an optional simulated project. You will be awarded an internationally recognized LSSGB certification when you complete the Green Belt certification examination.

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The program is entirely online, independent, and has no expiration date. It will suit your busy schedule seamlessly, and there are 100 true/false and multi-choice questions included in the Six-Sigma Green Belt certification examination. You can take the test from anywhere online, and you need 2 hours.

More about Six Sigma Green Belt

For individuals who want to concentrate and learn DMAIC projects’ fundamentals, the Six Sigma green belt is appropriate. Above all, DMAIC tools are essential for any business project. So, you can help your company if you learn the fundamentals of DMAIC.

Green belt holders play a vital role in business projects. They have to ensure, for example, that the project moves in the right direction. Six Sigma green belt certification holder is responsible for improving projects by making essential project strategy changes.

The certification is suitable for:

  • People who want their quality control skills to be strengthened.
  • Candidates who are interested in data inspection.
  • People who wish to learn more about the management of the project.
  • Users who want to use the company’s DMAIC tools.


Since Six sigma green belt is a specialized certificate, you need at least three or four years of experience. Moreover, many full-time projects need to be done to obtain knowledge.

Learning objectives:

Six Sigma Green Belt lets you evaluate business issues and use the knowledge you have to contribute to problem-solving. It will also provide you with the experience you need to apply Six Sigma theory in real life. Above all, you will, first and foremost, be a core member of the project team.

Final words

The duration of time it takes to get a Six Sigma Green Belt certification varies according to several factors. The program is entirely self-paced so that you can work at any speed that is comfortable for you. Perhaps you can complete the program faster if you have some Six Sigma experience. You can also complete the course within one year. The study material provided in the Six sigma green belt certification program is explicitly designed to help you with exam preparation.

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