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4 Signs Your Relationship Is Falling Apart

Relationship Is Falling Apart

No relationship is 100 percent healthy or perfect, and yours is no exception. Your relationship, like any other, will have its ups and downs. Generally, the downs or difficult times put your love to the test. You’re mistaken if you are concerned that your relationship will fall apart due to these occasional disputes.

Fights and conflicts are necessary to strengthen your relationship with your partner. But it gets alarming when they become frequent. Instead of dealing with them as mature adults, you both resort to the blame game and turn a deaf ear to each other’s point of view.

If you experience this, feel like the connection is lost, and have any doubts about your relationship, this article will help you figure things out.

Signs of a Failing Relationship

A failing relationship does not always imply that you and your partner no longer care about each other. After all, you’ve both invested a lot of time, effort, and emotions in the relationship. Therefore, it is natural for you to refuse to admit that your relationship is dying and refuse to call it quits.

But what’s the point of staying in a strained partnership and suffering emotionally, mentally, and physically?

You can do one thing. Stars have an essential part in the functioning of a relationship. Hence, you can try an astrological compatibility test. Let’s say you are a Sagittarius and your partner is a Gemini, then run a compatibility test for Sagittarius and Gemini.

If the test results are good, you should consider giving your relationship another go, but you should analyze the test if they are negative. Identify the problem areas and work on them. Who knows how things will turn out?

Meanwhile, consider the signs of a fading relationship listed below:

Lack of Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy is the adhesive that keeps you and your partner together by uniting you and strengthening your connection. Physical intimacy makes you and your partner vulnerable to communicating every feeling.

There will be a void without it, causing you and your partner to grow apart. It may also lead to abandonment issues for either of you over time.

Hence, if your relationship has lost signs of physical intimacy, such as hand-holding, cuddling, kisses, and, most crucially, sex, and you and your partner do not prioritize discussing the lack of intimacy and its solutions, your relationship could be heading off the rails.

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Poor or Zero Communication

The cornerstone of any relationship is vulnerability and heart-to-heart talks. You and your partner don’t feel afraid to speak about things, good or bad. You both feel like sharing every thought.

If there are no sweet nothings to whisper, no text messages to brighten your day, no calls to check on each other, and just holding back from saying things, then your relationship is crumbling.

The reason may be either one or both of you have grown afraid to share information for various reasons, such as non-acknowledgment, lack of trust, etc.

You Hardly Spend Time Together

It is vital to have some me time, but you and your partner must also spend quality time together. It is concerning if you or your partner stop spending time together and prioritize other relations.

Spending time with your partner entails sharing passions, having fun, and laughing together. All of this pulls you closer together and develops exclusivity in your relationship.

If there are no more movie dates and candlelight dinners, it indicates that your relationship is fading.

There’s No Trust Left

The bedrock of any relationship is trust. Your relationship is meaningless if you don’t trust each other. If your partner has an affair outside the relationship, there is nothing you can do to repair the relationship.

However, if it is restricted to broken promises, there is a chance for you to rebuild the trust. Identify the root source of the trust issues and then work together to come up with solutions. But if the dishonesty persists, it’s time to part ways.

Other Alarming Signs

Here are a few more red flags of a dysfunctional relationship:

  • Public displays of affection, such as hand-holding, quick pecks, walking arm in arm, etc., are non-existent
  • There is minimal usage of endearments like love, sweetheart, honey, darling, or any other unique name
  • There’s a feeling of loneliness even when you both are together
  • Your goals, whether professional or personal, don’t align anymore
  • There’s a loss of emotional connection
  • Someone else appears to be more attractive
  • You both are always fighting and hardly agree on things
  • Either one or both of you refuse to seek couple counseling
  • You no longer help and support each other
  • You both no more imagine a future together
  • There’s more resentment than love


These are several clues of a faltering relationship. However, these cues are meaningless if both of you are determined to rebuild your relationship. Sit with your partner, discuss topics listed that you find relatable, and come up with a solution.

Congratulations if you succeed. But if, after giving your relationship a chance, it’s time to break up or divorce, put the past behind you, and move on with your life.

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