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Should You Buy Furniture Before or After You Move In?

Buying furniture can be fun and therapeutic

Moving to a new home involves several steps. First, you have to find your new home or build it. Next, you have to handle all the paperwork and financial arrangements to secure your home. Then you have to set up utilities and make arrangements to move your belongings to your new house.

Moving is stressful, and there are several decisions you have to make during the moving process that can compound your stress. You might be wondering if you can do things to reduce your stress during the move, such as waiting to buy furniture until after you get settled at your new home. Read on to consider why you might want to shop for furniture now or wait until after you move.

Buying furniture can be fun and therapeutic.

Assuming you have the budget for new furniture and aren’t worried about finances, shopping can reduce your stress during your move. You can benefit from retail therapy because studies show shopping can improve people’s moods. During a chaotic time when your physical location and environment are changing, going shopping’s a great way to regain control of your situation and distract yourself from the long list of tasks you need to accomplish.

You don’t need to be settled into your new home to match your furniture.

You don't need to be settled into your new home to match your furniture.

Suppose you’re building a house or making some cosmetic changes before you move into a new home. When you order flooring, take some carpet samples with you to help you shop for furniture. Looking at carpet samples is a great way to ensure you choose a quality carpet that suits your preferences. With carpet samples, ordering new carpet’s a straightforward process. Plum-perfect carpet is twice as thick as regular carpet, ensuring your comfort. Thick carpet serves as insulation, helping regulate the temperature in your home.

Plum carpet’s laid over a solid-core pad. Both the carpet and installation come with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind when you order your new flooring. Start with your color selection. Determine which rooms are getting an upgrade and place your order. Take your free carpet samples with you when you go furniture shopping to ensure you pick furniture that will complement your new flooring.

You don’t have to bring your new furniture to your old home first.

Bringing new furniture to your current residence adds steps to your moving process because you’re increasing the number of items you’ll need to pack. Instead, consider affordable self storage options. Self-storage unit sizes vary, ensuring you can find a unit that’s the right size for your needs. Thanks to online resources, it’s easy to locate a storage facility near your new home. You can have your furniture delivered straight to your storage unit if you buy furniture from a retailer that offers free shipping.

Storage units have climate control, ensuring you can store your furniture at an ideal temperature. Putting possessions into an affordable storage unit near your new home is a great way to simplify your moving process. If you’re selling or donating the furniture you currently own, you won’t have far to move your new furniture on moving day.

Delays could create complications and increase your costs and frustration.

Delays could create complications and increase your costs and frustration.

Multiple issues could delay your move. Contractors might fall behind schedule. A lien on the property may prevent you from closing and taking possession. Suppose you’ve bought new furniture and scheduled an auction or garage sale to sell your current furniture because you’re supposed to be moving, but find out after you’ve sold your furniture that your move’s delayed. You could find yourself sitting on pillows in your old home.

You’ll also have extra storage fees because of the delay. You could be tempted to bring your new furniture to your current house, which can create some new complications. Suppose you assemble your new furniture and forget how to put it back together after your move. You may have to hire movers to reassemble your furniture, which is another additional cost.

Moving is both an exciting and stressful time. Furniture shopping can alleviate your stress, but you may increase your moving costs if you face delays.

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