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A Guide To Sending Flowers From A Distance


Staying connected with loved ones, especially now, is more important than ever. So, you want to send flowers to someone special, but they’re far away? No worries, it’s easier than you think! Here’s a super simple guide to help you make someone’s day with a lovely bouquet, even if you’re miles apart.

Find A Flower Shop Online

First things first, go online and find a flower shop. Think of it like a magical garden on the internet. There are lots of them, even flower delivery Perth services, so pick one that seems nice and has good reviews from other people.

Pick The Perfect Bouquet

Once you’re in the online flower garden, look around at all the bouquets. They’re like colorful options for saying different things – like birthdays, anniversaries, or just, “Hey, I miss you!” Choose the one that feels right for your occasion.

Add Your Personal Touch

Now comes the fun part! Many online flower shops let you add a personal touch. It could be a little note or even a tiny gift. Think of something sweet to say – it could be an inside joke or just a simple “thinking of you.”

Tell Them Where To Deliver

Okay, now it’s time to tell the flower shop where to send your surprise. Enter the address of the person you’re sending flowers to. Double-check it so the flowers don’t end up somewhere unexpected, especially if you’re using a flower delivery Brisbane service when you’re in Melbourne!

Tell Them Where to Deliver

Think about Size

Flower bouquets come in all sizes. Choose one that fits the space where your friend will put them. If they have a small space, go for a smaller bouquet. If they have lots of room, a bigger one might be perfect!

  • Petite bouquets (3-6 stems): These small and delicate bouquets are often seen as a thoughtful gesture or a token of appreciation. They are perfect for expressing sympathy, congratulations on a small achievement, or simply brightening someone’s day.
  • Small bouquets (8-16 stems): These bouquets are slightly larger than petite ones and convey a warmer sentiment. They are suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, or “just because” gifts.
  • Medium bouquets (18-24 stems): Holding more weight and presence, medium bouquets express deeper emotions like love, gratitude, or congratulations on a significant achievement. They are popular choices for romantic occasions or celebrating major life milestones.
  • Large bouquets (25 stems and above): Grand and impressive, large bouquets make a bold statement and are often associated with grand gestures of love, deep appreciation, or celebrating momentous occasions like weddings or graduations.

Watch Your Budget

Sending flowers is awesome, but it’s important to stay within your budget. Don’t worry – most online shops have flowers for every price range. It’s not about spending lots of money; it’s about the sweet thought!

Choose When They Arrive

Some flower shops let you pick when the flowers arrive. It’s like setting a surprise date! If you want them to show up on a specific day, just choose that date when you’re placing your order.

See Where Your Flowers Are Going

After you order, many flower shops give you a way to see where your flowers are. It’s like tracking a package, but way more exciting because it’s flowers! Watch and wait for them to get closer to your friend.

Imagine The Happy Face

Picture this: Your friend opens the door, and there’s a delivery person with a beautiful bouquet. Imagine the smile on their face when they see your thoughtful surprise! It’s like magic through the miles.

Say Something Nice

Once the flowers arrive, don’t forget the last step – say something nice! Give your friend a call or send a message. Tell them why you picked that bouquet and let them know you’re thinking of them. It’s like the grand finale of your flower surprise!

  • For a romantic partner: “Thinking of you and how much you bring sunshine into my life. These flowers are just a small reminder of how much I love you.”
  • For a friend: “To my dearest friend, sending you these flowers to brighten your day and let you know how much your friendship means to me.”
  • For someone who is sick: “Wishing you a speedy recovery. May these flowers bring a smile to your face and fill your room with a sense of peace.”
  • For someone who is grieving: “My thoughts are with you during this difficult time. Sending you love and support, and hoping these flowers bring you a touch of comfort.”
  • Just because: “No special reason, just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you and how much I appreciate you. Enjoy these flowers!”


Sending flowers from far away is easy peasy, and it’s a super sweet way to connect with someone you care about. With online flower shopping, you can make any day special, no matter the distance. So, go ahead, follow these simple steps, and get ready to spread some smiles! Happy flower sending!

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