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Biography of Satish Kaushik – Age, Career, Early ife And More

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Satish Kaushik, who had made a significant contribution to the Indian film world, died on 9 March 2023 due to a heart attack. Satish Kaushik is a well-known film writer, comedian, and producer in Bollywood. We are familiar with Satish Kaushik through the characters he played in films. People still remember his characters Pappu Pager, Calendar, and Airport. Let us know more about Satish Kaushik’s biography.

The Early Life Of Satish Kaushik

Satish Kaushik was born on 13 April 1956 in Punjab. This place comes under the name Mahendragarh of the present Haryana state. Satish was very interested in watching films since childhood. Comedian Mehmood was a big name in the film industry during that period. Satish was also a big fan of Mehmood. He often imitated Mahmud. After following Mehmood, Satish decided to act in films. After completing his early education, Satish came to Delhi to complete his further studies. He spent most of his life in Delhi. He completed his graduation from Kirodi Mal Mahavidyalaya, Delhi. And to fulfil his dream of becoming an actor, he was admitted to the National School of Drama in Delhi itself.

Kaushik moved to Pune after completing his acting studies at the National School of Drama. Coming to Pune, he also did a course from the Film and Television Institute of India to learn the nuances of acting and filmmaking. After completing his course, he moved to the Maya city of Mumbai. Satish Kaushik also tried his hand at direction while working as a character actor in the theatre here for a few years.

The Movie Trip Of Satish Kaushik

While working in theatre, Satish soon got a chance to act in his first film. The name of his first film was Masoom. This film was directed by Shekhar Kapur in the year 1983. Although the role of his character was very small. But now Kaushik started getting work in films. Along with acting, Satish also started doing screenplay writing and dialogue writing. In 1983, the film Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron was released. It is the status of a cult classic in Indian comedy films. The dialogues of Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron were written by Satish Kaushik. After this, Kaushik left a mark due to his acting in many films. Along with acting, Kaushik also succeeded in establishing his identity as a screenwriter, dialogue writer as director and producer.

Memorable Movies And Characters Of Satish Kaushik

Calendar, “Mr. India”

Mr. India was a great movie starring Anil Kapoor. This film took Anik Kapoor’s stardom to new heights. In this film, the character of Calendar played by Satish Kaushik became very popular among children during that period.

Chanda Mama, “Mr. and Mrs. Khiladi”

Akshay Kumar’s maternal uncle is very upset with his nephew’s repeated kisses in the film. Kaushik in the character of Chanda Mama entertained the audience a lot. After this film, Akshay Kumar came to be known as Khiladi Kumar of Bollywood.

Pappu Pager, “Deewana Mastana”

The character of Pappu Pager is one of the memorable characters played by Kaushik. Satish as a funny gangster entertained the audience a lot. Apart from this, he also played the character of Pappu Pager in Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin.

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Muttuswamy, “Sajan Chale Sasural”

Govinda is considered a great artist in comedy films. Satish also got a chance to work with Govinda in Saajan Chale Sasural. He utilized this opportunity very well. The character of Muthuswamy played him continues to entertain people even today. In this film, Kaushik befriends Govinda who is a musician and comes from South India.

Harpal Happy Singh, “Pardesi Babu”

Govinda is a simple man from the village. He falls in love with the daughter of a rich merchant in the city. The girl’s father puts a condition in front of him that if he can earn one crore rupees in a year, then he will marry his daughter to Govinda. Here, his friend Harpal alias Happy Singh helps Govinda to earn money. The character of Happy Singh was played by Satish Kaushik. In the role of a Punjabi Sikh, he made the audience laugh a lot.

Kunj Bihari Lal, “Hasina will agree”

The character of Kunj Bihari, who uses catchphrases like if you listen, if you stop, if you come, will never be forgotten. Adorned with veteran actors like Sanjay Dutt, Govinda and Kader Khan, Satish’s character in this film was that of Kader Khan’s manager Kunj Bihari Lal. The one who uses his catchphrase in every talk. Satish was highly appreciated for his performance in Haseena Maan Jayegi for his brilliant acting and funny comic timing.

Satish Kaushik Married Life

Kaushik got married in 1985. His wife’s name is Shashi Kaushik. Satish and Shashi had a son after marriage. But after 2 years, Satish’s son died. Satish broke down badly after this incident. The film actor and one of Satish’s closest friends Anupam Kher and his friends helped him a lot. After this shock, Satish handled himself and once again returned to the big screen. Presently Satish Kaushik has a daughter- whose name is Vanshika. It is known that Vanshika was born through surrogacy. Satish became a father for the second time through surrogacy.

Satish Kaushik Passed Away

He was an excellent comedian and a successful producer-director. On March 9, 2023, the very next day of Holi, he died of a heart attack in the hotel. His age was 66. Through the characters he played, Satish Kaushik will always be remembered in the film industry.


When did Satish Kaushik die?

Satish Kaushik died of a heart attack on 9 March 2023.

How did Satish Kaushik die?

He was taken to the hospital after complaining of severe chest pain. A heart attack killed him on the way to the hospital.

Which award has Satish Kaushik received?

Satish Kaushik was given the Filmfare Award for Best Comedian for the films Saajan Chale Sasural and Ram Lakhan.

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