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Who is the Richest BTS Member? Know About their Net Worth

BTS Members

Whether you call this boy band from South Korea Bangtan Boys or BTS, they are living an extravagant lifestyle for quite some time now. Everyone wants to know the net worth of BTS. This band is a highly loved, most streamed, as well as highly followed musical group across the globe. They debuted in the year 2013 under HYBE which is a South Korean entertainment label. Since that day BTS’s fame and stardom have skyrocketed. 

Millions of people follow this South Korean band which includes a total of seven members. No wonder with each passing year, BTS is touching the heights of success with various tours, advertisements, music sales, around world concerts, as well as music sales. But have you ever wondered about each BTS member’s net worth? BTS is considered one of the richest South Korean boy bands across the globe currently. If you are curious to know about the net worth of each BTS member and much more, then keep reading. Also, know the BTS member names.

J- Hope  

BTS Member J-Hope

Latest News About J-Hope

Know His Net Worth

No wonder J-Hope or Jung Ho-seok is the highest-paid member of the BTS band. His total net worth is around $24- $26 million. Most of this net worth and success is because of BTS’s music production, solo albums, as well as songwriting. His first solo mixtape came in the year 2018 named ‘Hope World’. 


Jung Ho-seok who is famous by the name J-Hope was born on February 18, 1994. He is a rapper, dancer, record producer, and a lot more. Also, he released his initial solo mixtape in the year 2018 and was praised by critics. Also, J-Hope is the first BTS member to be on the Billboard Hot 100 in the year 2019. 

Career and profession 

J-Hope is not just a member of the BTS group but also does music production, songwriting, etc. He has also done many commercials with amazing brands like PUMA’s BOG, LG, Samsung, etc. Recently in the year 2023, he became the house ambassador of Louis Vuitton. 


BTS Member Jimin

Instagram Account

Net Worth 

Park Ji-min whose professional name is Jimin. He is the lead vocalist of the BTS band. He is highly famous and has done some ingles like Filter, Promise, etc. Jimin is highly sorted in the band. His fashion sense as well as his amazing voice has helped him to create a separate fan base in the A.R.M.Y. His revenue comes from different things like associations with luxury brands like Dior, Tiffany and Co, etc. Jimin has worked with leading companies like Coway, Samsung, etc. He has his HYBE stock shares, apartments in top-notch locations in Seoul, royalties from solo projects and BTS music, etc. All of this contributes to Jimin’s estimated net worth of $20 million. 


Park Ji-min who is famously known as Jimin was born on October 13, 1995, in Geumjeong District, Busan, South Korea. He did his schooling at Korean Arts High School and higher education at Global Cyber University. He went to a dance academy to learn dance form, popping and locking. Later during his high school days, he majored in broadcasting as well as entertainment. 

Career and profession 

In the year 2013, Jimin became the main vocalist as well as a dancer in the BTS band. Under the name of the brand, he has released three amazing songs which gathered him a lot of attention and success. In the year 2019, Jimin was the first member of the band to have a music video with 100 million views. He has also achieved the award of the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit. Over the years, Jimin has also done some amazing solo music which contributed to his music career. In the year 2023, Jimin became the face of Dior and the first Asian to be on this place, Also, he is Tiffany and Co ambassador. 



Net Worth 

Kim Seok-jin or Jin is the oldest member of the BTS band. There are a lot of things like music or business projects that are contributing to the overall estimated net worth of Jin. In the year 2018, Jin started a Japanese restaurant along with his brother in South Korea. Also, he is a soloist with Astronaut, Awake, etc. This singer as well as a songwriter has sold around 44, 000 downloads. All of this leads to his estimated net worth of $20 million. Also, he belongs to a wealthy family and owns HYBE shares and royalties from the song credits. 


Jin was born on December 4, 1992. He is known to be the eldest member of the BTS group. Jin was born in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province in South Korea. He went to Konkuk University. In the year 2007, Jin went to Australia to study English. Initially, he wanted to be a journalist but he was scouted by a K-pop agency but rejected to follow that path. 

Career and profession 

While walking on a street, Jin was immediately scouted by an agency and at that time he was following the path of acting. In 2013, he became a part of the BTS band. In the year 2016, he released his solo song which was on Billboard World Digital Song Sales at number 6. Over the years, Jin has done tremendous work and even in the year 2022, he collaborated with Nexon as a game developer.


BTS Member Jungkook 

Twitter Account

Net worth 

Jungkook is the ‘Maknae’ of the group which means he is the youngest person in the BTS band. Also, he is the most searched member of the band. Recently, Jungkook collaborated with Charlie Puth for the song ‘Left and Right’. He is considered multitalented and has done a lot of great work in the band. Jungkook net worth is said to be $20 – $22 million. 


Jungkook or Jeon Jung-kook was born on September 1, 1997, and is a South Korean singer. In the year 2011, he auditioned for Superstar K but didn’t get selected. But he got to become a trainee under Big Hit Entertainment. Also, he got his dancing degree in the year 2012 from Movement Lifestyle. In the year 2022, Jungkook got his degree. 

Career and profession 

With the release of the song 2 Cool 4 Skool, Jungkook made with debut with the BTS band in the year 2013. Under the band, he has sung a total of three songs. The first solo was in 2016, the second solo in 2018, and the third solo in 2020. Also, he was at number 84 on Billboard Hot 100 in the US. Jungkook helped the BTS band to produce songs as well. 


BTS Member RM 

Net Worth 

Another famous BTS member is RM or Rap Monster who has worked with various American rappers like Warren G in the year 2015. Also, RM worked with a hip-hop group in South Korea named MFBTY in the year 2015. He has also done ads for various multinational businesses. All of this contributes to his estimated net worth of $20 – $22 million.


Kim Nam-joon or professionally known as RM was born on September 12, 1994. RM is a rapper, writes songs, as well as produces them. Also, he is the leader of the band. RM has done a lot of work in the field of music. He released his solo mixtape in the year and 2015 and later in 2018.

Career and profession

In the year 2000, he auditioned for Big Deal Records and later trained for around three years. However, in the year 2013, RM finally debuted with the BTS group. Since that time, RM has written lyrics as well as produced tracks for various albums of the group. Recently, he travelled to Spain to get some inspiration for his upcoming solo album. 

BTS Member V

Know Kim Taehyung Net Worth

Kim Taehyung or V is known to be the second youngest member of the BTS band. Also, he is a songwriter. According to the Times Now report, he has the record of most searched celebrity in Asia on Google in the year 2022. V has released solo music as well and has done some fascinating work in other fields. All of this contributes to his estimated net worth of $20 – $22 million. 


Professionally Kim Tae-hyung is known as V. He was born on December 30, 1995. This South Korean singer came with the BTS band in the year 2013 and has released around three solos with them. He has done his education at Korean Arts High School and Global Cyber University. In the year 2018, V won the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit Award. Currently, he is 27 and the second youngest member of the BTS band. 

Career and profession 

Before debuting with BTS, he was their secret member as it was kept a surprise. He has done some tremendous work with the band by giving music composition, writing lyrics, etc. Also, V has released solo songs which added to his popularity as he got 1 million followers on Instagram within 43 minutes. However, in the year 2021, along with other members V was appointed by President Moon Jae-in to enhance the global standing of South Korea. 


BTS Member Suga

Net Worth 

Suga is the main rapper of BTS. He was working in music production before joining this band. Suga has worked with various international artists and has participated in various solo projects. It is said that Suga is the second person in the band who has the largest estimated net worth of $25 million. He was written as well as produced around 70 songs for the band. 


Suga or Min Yoon-gi was born on March 9, 1993. He is a rapper, songwriter, as well as producer. In the year 20213, he debuted in the BTS band. He released his solo mixtape in the year 2016 and later in the year 2018. He has done songwriting as well as the production of around 100 songs. In the year 2017, Suga won Melon Music Award for Best R&B. 

Career and profession 

Before joining the band, Suga was working in music production which allowed him to gain experience. In the year 2013, he joined BTS and has written plus produced songs for the BTS band. Also, under the name of the band Suga has released mainly two songs in the year 2016 and 2018. He has also released a self-titled mixtape and in the year 2021, he re-composed the signature ringtone of the company Samsung. 


There is no denial of the fact that people are crazy about the BTS band all across the globe. They are not only famous for their K-pop music but also for their looks, dance, lifestyle, and a lot more. But the most fascinating thing that makes people curious about them is the net worth of BTS members. Each BTS member is not solely earning from being in the band. They are making fortunes by doing other things side by side. However, out of all, currently, J-Hope has the maximum net worth of $24 – $26 million.

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