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Riccarton: Full House Gaming Arcade


It’s been a while since we’ve had the opportunity to play some of our favorite arcade games, so when we heard about Full House Gaming Arcade Riccarton, opening up not too far from us, it was time for a visit. The owners have created an awesome environment with all sorts of fun colors and funky furniture which is sure to please any kids who want to come in for a game or two

What is a Timezone Riccarton?

It’s a gaming arcade with over 100 games to play on, ranging from pinball and air hockey tables to the latest consoles for those who want an experience closer indoors. There’s also a vibrant, modern café and bar area that offers something for everyone.

This is where you’ll find all the latest board games to play with your friends while enjoying some delicious food. The menu at Timezone Riccarton includes lighter options such as salads and wraps in addition to more traditional fare like burgers and sandwiches.

Why go to the Riccarton arcade?

Arcade gaming is a lot of fun and there’s something about the feeling of sinking into an old-school couch while playing that has always appealed to me. Timezone Riccarton captures this atmosphere perfectly, down to having screens mounted around the room for people who want an experience closer to the arcade days of old.

the Riccarton arcade

It’s not all about games though, with their indoor play area Timezone, Riccarton offers plenty for kids and adults alike such as dodgems, laser tag, and even a go-kart track! Add in an extensive range of food options that are sure to satisfy everyone from after-school munchies to dinner time and you have a one-stop shop for whatever the occasion calls for.

Additionally, here at Riccarton, the games are reasonably priced and there’s a great selection for all ages. They also have some awesome mini-golfs which we were keen to try out! It was so much fun playing that even the adults got in on the action, with our youngest player being five years old. The staff at Full House Gaming Arcade Riccarton, are super friendly and helpful. It’s a great place to head for some family fun!

Does Riccarton Arcade Offer Birthday Parties Venues For Hire?

The short answer to this is a big Yes! Full House Gaming Arcade Riccarton offers party packages for kids of all ages like the children’s birthday party venues nelson. For older teens and adults, the arcade is a cool place to have an office or team-building day out with facilities like meeting rooms available too! The space is perfect for any event – that’s what makes it such a great venue for weddings, for those who would love to have an after-party the “gaming way.”

What about safety?

The arcade is safe for all ages, with a ratio of staff to players. The only risk you need to worry about is the queue – so be sure to book in advance!

What are your opening hours?

Our Opening Hours are Mon-Thu 0900hrs-2200hrs Friday 0900hrs-0330 hrs. Saturday 1000 hrs.

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