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How Retail Clinics May Be Your New Doctor’s Office

Doctor's Office

People are very busy these days. Because of this fact, many are neglecting their health. They will only go to the doctor’s office if they absolutely have to. This is not good practice as many illnesses are best treated as early as possible while the patient is still in good health.

The answer would be a way to schedule a quick health checkup in one’s busy schedule. Would it not be great if minor ailments like colds were treated between shopping trips?

That is what retail clinics are trying to do. They are medical centers located where there are a lot of retail stores. Pharmacies, grocery marketplaces, and department stores are just a few where people can find a retail clinic. Here are six ways a retail clinic can help the busy person keep healthy.

Convenient Location

Retail clinics are usually located in places that are easy to reach. These can be like neighborhood shopping centers as well as pharmacies, grocery stores, and department stores. There is usually plenty of parking, and the clinics accept walk-in patients. This means you can simply walk into the clinic when it’s convenient for you. No more scheduling with your regular doctor!

Open Longer

Retail clinics are usually open longer than the traditional medical office. Many are open late into the evening. That makes them perfect for a check-up after work. Some are open on the weekends and even during the holidays.

Seen Quickly

Retail clinics primarily treat minor illnesses and injuries. That means short wait times. Patients get in and out faster without having the long queues like at the typical doctor’s office.

Under A Doctor’s Supervision

You may be surprised when nurse practitioners or physician assistants greet you, a medical tablet in hand. That is because retail clinics are staffed by such clinicians. Do not be concerned about your level of care, though. They are well-trained, with a full doctor working off-site  reviewing their diagnosis and treatment plans.

Quick Treatment

Retail clinics treat common illnesses and injuries. A sore throat, cold and flu symptoms, cuts, burns, and headaches are some examples. Head lice, pinkeye, and urinary tract infection are even more. A few retail clinics may also perform patient immunizations and even screening tests for certain diseases. Samples collected from those screens are sent to outside labs. 

Patients with serious medical issues like major broken bones are sent to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room.

Price list

Finally, retail clinics often post their costs for treatment online. Most are below the amounts you would pay if you sought care in an emergency room. This information can be very useful for people who have high deductible health plans or who pay out of pocket.

People in good health can accomplish a lot both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, we can be so busy that we neglect our health which can lead to major illness. Retail clinics can help treat many minor ailments within one’s schedule which leads to a win-win situation for the patient.

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