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RepairDesk Reveals Black Friday Deals to Make Running A Repair Business Easier

RepairDesk Reveals Black Friday Deals

No one knows the pain of running a repair business better than you. You know that there are plenty of challenges in managing your day-to-day operations, and these problems can be increased by the busy holiday season.

Stressed about handling the flow of tickets coming into your repair store?

RepairDesk has got you covered with its Black Friday repair shop software deal.

RepairDesk is offering a huge all-in-one Black Friday discount offer worth $855, all the way up to 28th November 2021. This deal will help repair shops save time and money this holiday season while also ensuring they have everything they need for their business to be successful.

What Is Included In Repairdesk Black Friday 2021 Deal?

Here are all the things you will be getting in POS software Black Friday deal 2021 with a one-time payment of $855:

1. 1-Year Subscription to RepairDesk Software

RepairDesk is the only repair shop software that comes with everything you need. So no matter what your business needs may be, RepairDesk has got it covered.

Whether you are looking for a point-of-sale system or need to see how much money you have made each month, RepairDesk will help run your business as quickly as possible.

You can use the following features:

·       Point of sale

·       Repair ticket management

·       inventory management

·       Reporting

·       Integrations

·       Employee management

·       Marketing tools

·       Customer management

2. Payment Terminal

The RepairDesk payment terminal is the only device that will let you accept all major credit cards. It also comes with a built-in printer and card reader to ensure your shop always has everything it needs to receive payments.

3. 1000 SMS Messages

RepairDesk comes with 1000 complimentary text messages that can be used to automatically communicate with your customers. You will also have access to RepairDesk’s SMS API, so you can send even more personalized texts if needed.

You can use RepairDesk for two-way texting between yourself and your customers so that you can seamlessly connect and communicate with your customers.

4. Receipt Printer

RepairDesk’s receipt printer is the only one that integrates directly into RepairDesk. As a result, your receipts will be printed automatically, and you can even print a separate bill of sale if needed.

You do not need to purchase any other special software for your printing needs because everything you could ever need is already built right into RepairDesk!

5. Onboarding

RepairDesk’s onboarding program is designed to help repair shop owners get their businesses up and running in no time. The team at RepairDesk will give you a personalized walkthrough of the software so that everything from your point-of-sale system to the billing process runs smoothly for everyone involved.

Now that you are sorted with Best Black Friday Deal 2021, next comes the question of boosting your sales during Black Friday.

Tips To Boost Sales This Black Friday

Follow these 5 tips to score big:

1. Make Your Discount Plan Creative

It’s time to go Mainstream! Consider something unique to establish your product in customers’ minds. Make a hooked-on promotion available for purchases that increase the average sales. Make a case for a more significant discount for more purchases, such as the amount they spend.

Plan ahead of time how much you’re prepared to offer. You may also cut a price with the cell phone part vendors to get a combined deal. This will target both your and your supplier’s customers at the same time.

2. Play With Your Strengths

Looking out to the neighbors and their big-box offers can eat up your margins and profits. Compete because this big sale day is about competition, but keep your finishing line as your business type. Rather than copying others, focus on what you can deliver best.

Identify your most valuable assets and utilize them to reel in and delight customers. If you’re the only one who can deliver a quick and efficient repair, advertise it to others. There is a big crowd and rush of customers on this single sales day, so give them some breathing space by eliminating queues.

3. Market Your Discounts, Show Them What You’ve Got

If you have one store, this is the ideal match for you. However, people need to know about your incredible offer ahead of time so that you appear on their shopping lists.

“Your company is the KING, but marketing is the QUEEN.

Do what you can to get the most out of your advertising. The quickest yet most efficient approach to promote your repair business is on social networks and email. Shout out about your reduced fix services, in-stock low-cost yet trustworthy goods, and anything else that aids them in contacting you.

Get the less pricey prints and distribute them around the city or paste it just outside of your main entrance.

4. Create Urgency And Build Suspense

A single sale day generates a lot of enthusiasm. So when advertising your discounts, use phrases like “exclusively,” “limited time offer,” “FREE delivery,” and “Flat Sale” to boost sales. Next, increase the actual prices by a few percent to cover up your delivery costs. Finally, add up the different service times for your most popular cell phone components and accessories.

5. Get Your Employees Prepared For An Uptick In Demand

You’re ready; everything is in place for the big day, and as planned, you’ve generated a buzz among your consumers, and there’s a rush of people heading to your store, but wait!

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What if your repair shop inventory informs you that the stock goods or replacement parts are less than the orders placed, and the needed technician is unavailable at the moment? Will consumers wait for your inventory to arrive? Will they return when your technician has arrived? NO!

To serve your clients optimally, plan your staff activities. Don’t try to put everything together at once; think about last year’s efforts, learn from the most successful sales, and take action.

Final Word!

Your business is on the edge of a significant opportunity, so don’t let it slip away. With RepairDesk’s Black Friday deals, you’ll be able to prepare for this big day with ease and get more out of your repair services while saving money at the same time! Now that you are sorted with repair shop software and tips for boosting sales, you’re all set to get on with it.

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