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Maximizing Small Spaces: Renovation Tips For Renters


Renting can be a challenge when it comes to décor and organization. Unless you’re lucky enough to rent a spacious place, you’re likely dealing with minimal space and have to work with what’s available. The good news is that this has been a renter’s conundrum forever, and there are plenty of solutions to get your space looking as gorgeous as ever. Read on for renovation tips for renters.

Repaint The Walls

To renovate is to restore. Bring life back into the walls of your place by painting the walls a bright, fresh color. White, beige, and off-white tones are ideal for establishing a new look on your walls. The light color will also make your rooms appear larger, giving you a sense of more spaciousness you may have wanted. You can always have a professional complete this work if you’re not confident in your painting skills.

Before you start painting, however, ensure that once your landlord has completed their credit check for landlords, you review the terms of rent to verify that they are okay with you painting the walls.

Stain The Floor

Changing the tone of your flooring might be just the thing to renovate your space. If the floor of your place needs restoration, consider simple fixes like staining the floor. Sometimes, a boost of color can make all the difference to your rental flat.

Make sure you consider the subtle gradients and shades already present in your flooring and the material of your flooring beforehand. You want to choose the right colors, tones, and stains suited for your flooring type.

Patch Up Holes

Patch up any holes in your space using drywall to repair these blemishes. You’ll be left with solid walls without damage, making it easier for you to see the beauty of your space and gain more wall space to work with if you want to hang up pictures, shelving, etc.

Replace The Carpets

If the carpets in your place are old and need replacement, make the investment and tear out your old carpets. You can either replace them with new carpeting or restore the underneath floor. For the best renovation outcomes, be sure to vacuum and wipe down the floors thoroughly before starting any repair work so that you do not trap dust and grime into your new flooring materials or paint. Consider white-washing natural hardwoods for a modern take on a classic flooring style.  

Thoroughly Clean Your Place

Sometimes, the only renovation you need is a good cleaning. If your rental has accumulated dirt, grime, and unpleasant odors over the years, it’s likely time to hire a housecleaner or junk removal service to clean your place. Deep cleaning can make your place look good as new.

You may even find that some of the stains you thought were permeant were removable with the right cleaning gear. You can forgo repainting the walls once the dirt and grime are removed.

Update Your Appliances

A simple change to renovate your space is to update your appliances. Sell your old refrigerator, stove, washer, and dryer for updated models to give your place the update it needs. Most of these appliance changes will pay for themselves as long as you plan to sell your old machines. Tons of used appliance warehouses will take in old appliances for a reasonable price.

Make Simple Changes For Your Renovation

Renovating your space is a combination of simple but effective changes you can implement on a budget. Verify that your changes are okay with your landlord before getting started.  

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