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Reason Why Choir Singing Is Beneficial For You

Choir Singing

A group of singers known as a choir performs choral music. We all know that music is used to lighten up the mood and enrich our everyday life. Music is an art, entertainment, medicine for the body and soul. Choir singing is the most popular hobby of elders and even the younger ones.

Regular participation in choirs reduces anxiety, depression, and loneliness. It also improves physical health. Male, female, or mixed males and females can perform choral singing. Adult choir members may experience an improved mood and boost their life quality.

Choir singing benefits us in many ways. We all enjoy singing with others. Singing keeps us away from boredom and makes us feel enjoyment. It also allows us to communicate better with others. Singers may perform alone or with accompaniment. It benefits us and makes our life happier. Whenever we feel sad, stressed, or anxious, we sing our favorite song.

For learning music, there are various platforms for online music lessons.

Types of Choir

1. Mixed Choir

As its name entails, mixed choirs refer to the combination of female and male voices. It is composed of SATB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass) voices. Among other types of choirs, the mixed choir is the most common. Sometimes, they also integrated baritone voice into mixed choirs. The baritone voice is usually meant for choir members with higher basses. If the choir is small and only composed of less than five men, the men will share the SAB voices arrangement in one part.

2. Women Choir

Women’s chorus and women’s choir are two terms used interchangeably to refer to a group of a choir composed of adult women. Conversely, a girls’ choir is a type of choir with young women as members. There are two voices used for this choir, namely alto and soprano.

3. Children’s choir

The children’s choir is composed of male and female children. Mostly, this type of choir performs in churches. Like the women choirs, this one also uses two voice arrangements, including soprano and alto. We could perform these voice arrangements in two-part, three-part, or even more.

The children’s choir also covers the boys’ choir, which is composed of young boy voices.

4. Men’s Choir

A male voice choir or men’s chorus refers to a choir composed of adult men who have bass and tenor voices. Men’s chorus performs the two voices in two types of arrangements: low and high tenors; and low and high basses.

Importance of Choir

Research has shown singing in a choir has benefits in physical and mental well-being. Choral music brings togetherness within a group and is also a treatment for those diagnosed with an illness.

Singing in a choir is a unique experience more than ever. People seek the togetherness and intimacy that singing alone cannot give. It increases self-esteem and confidence, helps to reduce anger, depression, anxiety, and stress. Being a choir member also increases mental awareness.

The following listed are the Importance of Choir Singing in our lives.

 Boost Your Social Life

Humans are connected with music. Whether you are a dancer, a musician, or a singer, the bond that connects people through music is undeniable. Nick Stewart, a psychologist of Bath University, claimed that choir members have a stronger feeling of togetherness than those individuals with unique social activities.

Connects Social Gaps

Choral singers and choral groups are different in several ways. They are different in terms of musical styles, regions, and more. Most choir members claimed to improve their awareness about other member’s life experiences. Thus, it connects gaps between other people’s social life.

Improves Teamwork and Discipline

Teamwork is very notable among choir members. Discipline and teamwork can be seen during the choir’s preparation for concerts. Beyond that, joining a choir also improves one’s confidence, concentration, and listening skills. Indeed, the choir is a great way for people to connect and bring their lives together.


When singing in a group, whether in a large or small choir, the act of us singing causes our body to release endorphins that promote positive feelings. Singing in a choir is a form of sharing laughter and fun with others. People feel more positive and improve their mood when singing.

Choirs bring people together with a purpose. Singing improves our sense of happiness and well-being. It is a great escape from the real world. I have seen how singing brought a significant impact on people who are struggling with different problems. It tends to help us to meet new people with different strengths and aspects of life.

It gives us a sense of belonging with the advent of modern music. While some people think that choral music has fallen by the wayside, it is way better than this. During this time of the pandemic, choir singing has a new way done using technologies. Artists are grouping themselves with other people by the use of social media and online platforms.

Children are also familiar with choir music because of the new era they belong to. With the use of technology, it is more convenient to have a choir singing through the phones or gadgets that allow you to perform with a group. Always keep in mind that singing is a part of our everyday life. Without singing, life would not be a whole for us.

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