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Pax8 Raises $96 Million To Revolutionise The Provision Of Cloud Services.

Pax8 Raises

Pax8, a supplier of a platform that streamlines the provisioning and invoicing procedures across various cloud apps for IT service providers, today announced it has secured an additional $96 million in equity. 

After Wirehive was acquired by Pax8, providing a UK footprint and Microsoft Azure cloud partner capabilities, funding news breaks. Additionally, Wirehive provides managed cloud services for Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. The agreement’s terms weren’t made public.

The overarching objective is to lessen the friction that IT service providers experience while implementing cloud services on behalf of their clients. Instead, they receive a platform that allows them to control their software-as-a-service (SaaS) for secure storage, IT management, and more. Additionally, this method streamlines the management of subscription renewals across a broad range of cloud services for IT service providers.

Instead of hiring full-time employees, Wirehive will supplement such capabilities by giving IT service companies access to a pool of cloud computing specialists to draw from when implementing cloud-based IT solutions. At a time when understanding cloud technologies involving anything from virtual machines to Kubernetes clusters and serverless computing frameworks has become more difficult, the consulting firm today has 30 staff that are solely focused on challenging cloud projects.

Pax8 Chief Revenue Officer Nick Heddy states

He says, relying on outside knowledge would enable smaller IT service providers to efficiently compete against more established companies.

As this tendency picks up steam, the price of IT service engagements should eventually drop as their suppliers make them more affordable. Although relying on outsourcing for professional services knowledge is not necessarily a novel concept, IT service organizations are now attempting to cut costs in a more flexible way in the wake of the economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. Heddy stated, “We regard this as a union of two disrupters.

Pax8’s Technology

Fundamentally, Pax8’s technology streamlines the management of cloud subscription provisioning and ongoing invoicing for IT service providers by centralizing these functions. The Pax8 platform uses application programming interfaces (APIs) that each cloud service provider exposes to centralize provisioning and billing so that users are not required to manage these procedures through separate portals from each cloud service provider. The management of many cloud services by the IT service provider on behalf of a single customer will then be simpler.

Distributors have traditionally given IT service companies that resell IT platforms and applications installed in on-premises IT environments comparable capabilities. Pax8 automates the provisioning, invoicing, and license renewal procedures for cloud apps and services without necessitating any special purchase agreements from an IT service provider to a distributor.

Pax8’s Vision 

When it comes to merger and acquisition activity in the industry, which is at an all-time high, it’s too early to predict how the delivery of IT services will change. Hiring and keeping talent is most certainly the largest challenge each such company faces. Although there is no shortage of IT workers, very few of them have specialized knowledge in fields like cloud computing or security. IT service companies have access to expertise on demand since they can expand their IT staff as needed. The current problem is developing the systems that will allow IT service providers to utilize the outside IT skills that businesses like Pax8 are investing in a profitable manner.

Pax8 Funding: Views From The Executive And The Investor

Pax8 CEO John Street provided the following prepared remarks regarding the funding round:

“This additional investment gives Pax8 the resources it needs to grow internationally into new regions and quicken the continued development of our cloud marketplace technology platform, which is the best in the business. We have a distinctive strategy that firmly integrates our technological platform with an unmatched client experience to make cloud adoption simple. We are enthusiastic about the cooperation with Catalyst and Sageview as well as the new potential this investment offers as we start the new year.

Todd Clapp, a partner at Catalyst Investors, further explained:

“John and his team have transformed Pax8 into a true pioneer and the channel’s top provider of cloud services. Pax8 is positioned to develop significantly as just a small portion of SMB workloads have been shifted to the cloud, and Catalyst is delighted to be partnering with the team to help realise this potential.

Scott Stuart, co-founder, and managing partner at Sageview, added:

“Pax8’s excellent growth profile, sizable addressable market, and developing a leadership position in North America and now Europe are hallmarks of a Sageview investment. To take advantage of the opportunity, we look forward to working with the Pax8 team and our other investors.

Clapp and Stuart both join the Pax8 board of directors.


Pax8, securing $96 million in venture funding to broaden its geographic scope while enhancing the cloud automation and orchestration tools available to its marketplace customers. With involvement from current investors Blue Cloud Ventures and Liberty Global Ventures, Catalyst Investors and Sageview Capital led the Pax8 financing round.

Pax8 has concentrated on developing a sizable online marketplace that enables IT professionals to purchase cloud products. This is similar to Amazon’s long-term Everything Store plan for consumers. An executive team at Pax8 that is totally focused on the channel develops and advertises the cloud marketplace for MSPs (managed IT services providers) and channel partners. However, Pax8 also seems to be widening its target audience by highlighting the service in several recent messages to “IT professionals.”

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