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Proven Email Marketing Tips For Jewelry Stores All Over The World

Jewelry Store Email List

As per Statists report the value of current jewelry market is 228bn USD. U.S Jewelry and watch market value account 76bn USD. Revenue of the jewelry stores declined sharply last year as retail stores shutdown due to Covid19. In this article we discuss how jewelry industry can market and retain the market share cost effetely by using email marketing.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell your jewelry business online, despite its age with Jewelry Store Email List. However, making the best use of your email list is crucial. Given the digital marketing world we live in, it’s likely that your business is expanding slowly because you don’t have an effective digital plan in place to achieve your business goals. Email marketing is the way to expand your business and provide your brand with the exposure it requires. The beneficial advantage is that there is a technique to expand your email list while also marketing to your prospects so that your emails are welcomed. Currently, revenue in the jewelry industry amounts to 55 Million in the USA. Jewelry Stores Database can help you increase your email marketing outreach while lowering your costs.

Now that you know, email marketing with Jewelry Stores Contact List is a feasible approach for the jewelry industry. Here are 4 effective strategies to help you stand out.

  • Personalize your jewelry store email list
  • Market similar products through recommendations
  • Re-connect with your prior prospects
  • Connect with your audience over special events

Effective Marketing to Jewelry Stores across the globe

1. Personalize your jewelry store email list

When you start marketing with a comprehensive Jewelry Stores Email List, you need to prioritize that your marketing ideas will not apply to all of your clients. Some of your subscribers may have signed up because they are planning a wedding, while others may require some light jewelry to attend one. Naturally, both these types of people will be looking for different styles; thus, the substance of the emails sent to them should be different as well.

The process of segmentation needs to be handled with caution. For instance, the exclusive offer on women’s jewelry of a specific age group could end up in the inbox of a male subscriber. This could result in your email landing in the spam folder. The demographic data needs to be considered for a personalized email list with various business specifications.

2. Market similar products through recommendations

Cross-sell approach can go a long way in the jewelry industry. Cross-selling tips include providing your customers a whole catalog that can assist them in putting together a well-dressed look that complements the jewelry they previously purchased. While it’s true that you can make exceptional suggestions for clients who shop in your business, email campaigning can also assist you in doing so for customers who shop online.

When you have an extensive jewelry collection, recommending varieties for the same product would result in being disregarded. For example, if a customer purchases a gold necklace, you can recommend a pair of gold earrings or a gold bracelet to keep their interest while improving your revenue. The comprehensive details on a particular audience can provide the information to retain them with successful business communications.

3. Re-connect with your prior prospects

Though it may be difficult to imagine, many of your recurring clients will eventually get cold and quit visiting your store, regardless of the cause. This is the time to delve into the wonders of email campaigns. It allows you to send win-back emails to the prospective audience with a responsive Email List of Jewelry Stores in order to get them to return to your store. You can send enticing emails with exclusive discounts and offers to gain back your customers. For example, you might have high-value recurring clients who haven’t bought from you in a long time. Even if you haven’t purchased in a year, you can still send them emails. It will be ideal if these emails arrive on their birthdays or anniversaries.

4. Connect with your audience over special events

If you work in the jewelry industry, you’ll know that there are a few unique occasions when your consumers are more likely to buy aside from weddings and engagements. For example, you can advertise products with new releases and festive discounts for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, New Year, etc. You can use the St. Patrick’s Day event to show off your impressive collection of green jewelry if you want to go a little more imaginative. Special occasions, such as Halloween, can be used to showcase your unique collection to your subscribers. In addition, you can enhance the number of conversions by aligning your email campaigns with a charity cause. For example, you may invite your subscribers to purchase your jewelry collection supporting a worthy cause like Breast Cancer Awareness Week.

Drive Marketing results with Jewelry Stores Email Database

Email marketing for your jewelry business is relatively easy when you know what you’re doing. Collecting email addresses, setting up automation, and sending out appealing emails is all that is required. While sending emails is a continuous task, the marketing process feels more natural once you determine what material works best for your jewelry store. In comparison with other marketing platforms, email marketing generates the highest ROI. It is the most resultant strategy for attracting and retaining clients due to its increased outcome for revenue and a cost-efficient approach by purchasing email lists. With all the benefits of a Jewelry Stores Marketing List, bought from a reliable data provider, marketing campaigns can be performed with real-time updated email contacts.

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