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Popular Themes For A Children’s Room

Popular Themes For A Children’s Room

How many times have your kids watched a certain animated movie and gotten excited every time? Just imagine if you could bring that movie to life in their room, they would be jumping for joy! It is everyone’s childhood dream to have a bedroom that looks like it has been brought to life straight out of a movie. The best parts about this are that you don’t need to get your hands dirty at all. Just search for the professionals in your city and get started. For example, if you stay in Bangalore, then search for home painters in Bangalore and watch your child’s dreams come true. 

If you are thinking about what to go for then here are a few samples that you can think of trying. 

Superhero Theme

While your kids may be too young to watch the movies, there is no place on earth where the superhero toys, lunchboxes, and bags haven’t reached. Incorporate their favourite superhero in the rooms and figure out ideas to make the room look cool. For example, you can use the superhero’s colours, dialogues, silhouettes, and even extracts from the comic book if that is something your child enjoys reading. To promote superhero bonding you can check out some of the quad bunk beds to make their space even better!

Nature Theme

Do you have a curious kid who follows the bugs and smells the flowers? Then this theme is perfect for you. You can decorate the walls with stickers, paints, and wallpapers as well. Try to include flowers, trees, animals, and even a few birds. That being said, you can also look at the stars and decorate the ceiling with stars and other astronomical objects. 

Cartoons Theme

Everyone has their childhood favourites. For some, it may be the lovable cat and mouse while for others, it may be a funny and cute mouse with a lot of friends. There are many cartoons that come on TV and you just need to pick the one your child is a fan of. Cartoons can make the room seem colourful as well. And make the room seem fuller and your child may feel like he or she has friends to play with even when alone. 

Educational Theme

This theme does not have to be as boring as it sounds. You can make the room attractive with alphabets, fruits, vegetables, or even make an entire picture with many elements that can help your kids learn. This is a good idea if the study area of the kid is also in the same room. Although the other themes can look great, but they can be over-stimulating and distracting when the child is trying to learn and commit something to memory. 

Glow In The Dark

A fun and interesting way to decorate your kids’ room is to use glow-in-the-dark paint or stickers. The patterns can be anything and can impart a sense of security to the kids in the room. The rooms look cool and the kids have something to marvel at every day. 

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Plain Pastels

There are some kids who have a lot of energy and have a hard time at bedtime. For such kids, it is necessary to provide a calming environment that urges them to rest rather than play. This is one of the reasons why most parents go for a soothing pastel theme. The colours make the room look bright and positive during the day and perfectly comfortable at night as well. If you feel the room walls are looking too simple, you can add a night lamp to make things interesting. In addition to creating a calming environment, the choice of bed is also crucial for promoting a good night’s sleep. Trundle beds can be a practical solution for kids who struggle with bedtime. Trundle beds by Bedkingdom offer the convenience of an extra bed tucked underneath the main bed, providing the option for accommodating sleepovers or siblings sharing a room. These beds maximize space and offer a comfortable and inviting sleeping arrangement.

Paint Your Own Wall

The most exciting prospect for a child is to be included in making a decision regarding their room. You can use royale Asian paint for a base coat and then ask the kids how they wish to decorate their room. You can arm them with crayons, paint, and any other tools they may desire. This makes the kids feel positive and included. 

Adventure Theme

Which kid hasn’t played the game of adventure as a pirate, a treasure-hunter, and so on? Bring this fantasy to life by painting adventure-related motifs or paintings on the wall. You can also choose to use wallpaper if you want a particular type. A ship, a plane, a rocket, a jungle, or any other vehicle can also be out in the picture to make it look like there is a whole team! 

These themes not only help keep the imagination of the kids alive but make their room much more interesting encouraging them to call friends over and socialize.

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