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Popular Formatting Styles

Popular Formatting Styles

A research paper is a great way of looking at a problem from multiple angles. You can make your own judgments by combining different perspectives, evidence and facts It sounds like a lot of fun, and it truly is. Writers working on a nursing assignment help UK site know this fun, and they helped us to prepare this article about formatting styles and especially APA.

Teachers are enthusiastic about research papers. Are students as enthusiastic as their mentors? Some students may feel the same way, but most others feel the exact opposite. You have every right to take into consideration the effort and time that you put into this written assignment. It’s possible to be discouraged, unmotivated, and do other things.

Many students find it difficult to keep all their research papers organized and the resources properly cited. Don’t worry if you are unsure how to format a research paper. We’ll help you to figure this out.

Is there a standard format?

Yes, there are many widely accepted formatting styles that instructors use to standardize student work. No matter what discipline, educational institutions can agree on one formatting style for all works.

These guidelines allow teachers to evaluate papers in accordance with a uniform standard. Students also benefit from these recommendations because they eliminate all guesswork and don’t have to spend time trying to figure out what each element of a research paper should look like.

Acceptance of a specific formatting style is acceptable, but be prepared to make changes if requested by the teacher. Always ensure that you carefully review the task. This will show you how to cite sources correctly in a research article.

Students can choose from a variety of formatting styles to use in their writing.

  • MLA (Modern Language Association), is used to write literature research papers, papers about humanitarian sciences, and art.
  • The APA ( American Psychological Association ) is used in social sciences, psychology and business.
  • The American Medical Association (AMA) is a medical association that works in medicine, biology and other health sciences.

What is the difference between these styles of writing? The difference is in the citation.

Difference Between APA and MLA


APA: APA style is used in social sciences.

MLA: MLA style is used in humanities.


APA: Only the necessary words (first word of the title, proper nouns, etc.) are capitalized and the title is in italics.

MLA: All major words in the title are capitalized and the title is underlined.

Source page

APA: Source page is titled as “References”.

MLA: Source page is titled as “Works Cited”.

Author’s name in Reference list

APA: Only the last name of the author is used; the first name is reduced to initials.

MLA: The full name of the author is used.

Publication date

APA: Publication date, given inside parenthesis, follows the author’s name.

MLA: Publication date is written after the publisher.

In-text citation

APA: APA uses the author’s last name and year of publication. Page numbers are added if available.

MLA: MLA uses the author’s name and page numbers for in-text citation.

Commas in in-text citation

APA: Commas are used in in-text citation.

MLA: Commas are not used in in-text citation.

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