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How To Play Online Poker Less Predictably

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In playing online poker, people can anticipate particular behaviors from you in certain situations if you continually repeat them. You are, therefore, predictable. That’s excellent for attending work, paying rent, and other things, but it’s not perfect if you play poker.

Being predictable helps your opponents and keeps you from taking advantage of your opportunities, whether you play live poker or online poker. But do not worry. We offer some helpful advice to get you started in our guide to playing poker less predictably.

The Problem with Predictability

What exactly is the problem with predictability? Everything comes down to information. You have the information in your possession, and your opponent does too. Visit here to know no deposit bonus casino.

Finding out what the other player tries to hide when playing poker is enjoyable and challenging. Being predictable makes it easy for a skilled poker player to figure out what information you’re trying to conceal from them.

You should refrain from using your hand too frequently. Think of yourself as a tight player who never folds. An expert player might deduce that you never gamble unless you have a good poker hand.

Your opponents will stay away from you if you play aggressively. Another illustration would be if you never played your cards slowly.

When you check, you immediately reveal that your hand is weak (slow playing is the tactic of playing a strong hand weakly). Any predictable action could be a tip-off to a focused, observant opponent.

Ways to Play Unpredictably

Raise Consistently Preflop

In the pre-flop phase of a poker game, each player is dealt two cards. One way to avoid being predictable is to raise the same amount. Essentially, pre-flop wagers set the overall game’s stake.

Your opponents won’t have much information to work with if you raise the same amount each game, regardless of how strong or weak your hand is. It makes it harder for them to figure out your strategy.

If you consistently raise more when your hand is stronger, your opponents will quickly figure you out and look for methods to take advantage of this knowledge. One thing, though: you need the money to raise continuously.

Use this tactic sparingly if you do not want to risk your bankroll.

Slow Play Your Strong Hand Preflop

Playing a solid hand slowly before the flop will make you less predictable. The goal is to prevent players from folding to a raise or getting them to bet more aggressively than they would otherwise.

Imagine playing Texas Holdem poker online with pocket aces and choosing to limp in with a call instead of playing aggressively. Those are slow plays.

You can confound more seasoned players if you occasionally play massive pairs and powerful aces when you play poker online events.

Employing the slow play strategy when a strong, aggressive player is in the blinds behind you is one of the more intriguing poker tournament strategies. You can entice the aggressive player into making a squeeze play if you limp in with a solid hand (reraising preflop after a raise and one or more calls).

Slow Play Your Strong Hand Preflop

With you having the best hand before the flop, you might reraise again and win the largest pot in the middle. Once more, this is an intriguing notion to try, not a guaranteed winning strategy.

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Semi-bluff in the Flop

A sluggish play is a type of bluff.

To keep your adversaries on their toes is the goal of bluffing. People won’t know what to expect if you can pull off a successful bluff.

However, it’s easier said than done, and many poker players look ridiculous when they start to believe they are bluffing the game experts. As they say, learn to walk before you run.

The semi-bluff is a well-known tactic that you can use for yourself. That occurs when you don’t have a strong hand after the flop but place a bet to force your opponent to fold. Essentially, you just increase or bet on a draw (a hand with winning potential but very little face value).

A flush draw or an open-ended straight draw are two drawings used for betting the most. Don’t bank on semi-bluffs to win high-stakes online poker tournaments because strong players can typically spot them from a mile away!

To that end, playing poker app online may be entertaining and instructive.

Eliminate Your Timing Tells

In live or online poker, one of the finest strategies to become less predictable has nothing to do with bluffing. Instead, it involves paying attention to yourself to determine if you are giving off any timing.

Players with middling hands or draws frequently make rapid bets, which indicates to a perceptive opponent that they didn’t need to think about their choice and makes it simple to determine what they have.

On the other hand, players with strong hands frequently take their time while considering their possibilities. This move conveys a message as well.

Try to discipline yourself always to take the same length of time to act to get rid of any timing tells you might have.

Playing against knowledgeable opponents on the best online poker sites won’t help you figure out what your opponent is holding, but it will save you from giving away too much.


It is part of being a human to have a pattern in their behaviors. If you have played poker for quite some time now, you might have developed habits in your gameplay. Identifying what habits you have is essential so that you can eliminate them.

Your opponent can use these patterns to figure out your gameplay, so try to avoid them in the future.

You can play more poker games online to identify your patterns and play less predictably. Check GGPoker, the world’s largest poker room, and be part of the game. Sign up at GGPoker today!

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