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Outsourcing: What It Means For The Worker And The Entrepreneur


What does it mean when a job can’t be outsourced? It basically means that there will always be a need for people within a company to fill a role, without any threat of any outside help (foreign services, technology, or even a larger company) taking over. Some of the most common jobs that are outsourced include accounting. customer service, human resources, information technology, marketing, and manufacturing.

Job Industries That Can’t Be Outsourced

Due to the effects of the global pandemic, it is important to find work that will always be needed. This could be online work, as some industries are choosing to stay remote, or jobs that will require you to work outside of your home. If you’re looking for a new industry to work in, here are a few job industries that can never be outsourced.


Healthcare jobs are here to stay, and we all were reminded of just how important they were and are, during the pandemic. Even after the pandemic, doctors and nurses will always be needed due to more people living longer. Doctors and nurses can also work just about anywhere, so not only will they be able to keep their jobs, but if they need to move, it’s highly likely that they will be able to find some work.


This is another job that many people started appreciating more during the pandemic. Even with remote learning, educators are extremely important. They teach and care for children anywhere from ages 6 weeks to 17 years. While many elementary, middle, and high school teachers stay in their positions for long periods of time, there is always a constant need for childcare workers.

The Skilled Trades

Electricians, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) technicians, mechanics, plumbers, and welders are all examples of people who are considered to be a part of the skilled trades industry. Even during a global pandemic, these jobs were still up and running— probably even more than usual with more people staying home. This was especially true for a Batemans Bay electrician, HVAC technicians, and plumbers, seeing as all of these jobs related to home improvement.

Outsourcing for the Entrepreneur

As a business owner or a potential business owner, there are some benefits to outsourcing. You will be able to focus on your main tasks, promote growth, lower costs, and develop your internal staff. On the other hand, some of the disadvantages to outsourcing include decreased control, the potential for communication issues, and in certain cases, delivery and transportation services. As the owner of a business, problems that occur within your outsourced roles become your problem.

What to Outsource

As with any industry, you should look to outsource the most mundane tasks, not the ones essential to your business. Again the most common outsourced jobs are accounting. customer service, human resources, information technology, marketing, and manufacturing. If these aren’t the core focus of your business, it is best to outsource them.

What Not to Outsource

One of the main things to not outsource is what you need to have the most control over; the tasks that are important to the core of your business. For example, if the main part of your business is hauling equipment, you’ll probably want to do this yourself. You can consult the services of a fleet truck rental company that specializes in renting vehicles out for business purposes. This would not only be a highly effective way to invest in your business but it’s cost-effective as well. Technically, this would not be considered outsourcing, since you or your employees would still be the drivers of the vehicle(s).

Outsourcing can be good and beneficial for business owners, but it is still important to keep the majority of jobs within your company. If you’re working in an industry that sees little to no outsourcing, this is also beneficial to you as you can guarantee jobs for those in search of work.

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