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Outdoor Tiles: Popular Pattern Tile Ideas For Outdoor Spaces & Pools

Tile Ideas For Outdoor Spaces & Pools

Using traditionally shaped tiles such as rectangles and squares, you can create a unique and glamorous touch in your new outdoor pool area as you experiment with colours, shapes and tile patterns. Outdoor tiles are available in an impressive range of material options ranging from traditional natural stone tiles such as travertine, granite and limestone to more modern options such as porcelain, ceramic, concrete and glass. Each of these outdoor tile varieties allows you the freedom to explore your creativity when putting together the perfect look for your new outdoor living, dining and pool space with each variety having its own range of uses in these applications.

The classic rectangle or square-shaped tile can be used in many different ways that will allow you the opportunity to add a sense of pattern to your outdoor design scheme. These simple shapes have stood the test of time in the world of design as their elegant simplicity allows for a range of different styles to be achieved in all sorts of applications from your outdoor tiled floors, living and cooking spaces to outdoor pools and walkways.

Using Subway Tiles Outdoors

From its origins as a simple, glossy white tile that was used as a hygienic solution in subway stations, the popular subway tile has been reinvented many times over. These tile collections now include options in a wide selection of materials such as natural stones, porcelain and more, as well as various interpretations of the classic shape: The classic rectangular shape has been elongated to form slim subway tile formats, it has been altered into a parallelogram to create the popular chevron tile layout and it has even been reinvented into paddle or picket fence style shapes for a modern twist on this classic design. Subway tiles can be used to create many different layouts and patterns, making them an ideal choice when it comes to adding a touch of drama and energy to your outdoor space.

Using Subway Tiles Outdoors
This contemporary outdoor space uses deep grey outdoor pool tiles in a range of different sizes and formats to create a sense of pattern in a monochrome colour palette that allows the water and greenery to be the key focal points. Elongated subway tiles are used as a feature, adding texture and pattern to this outdoor tiling scheme.

The popular herringbone tiles for example are made up of traditional subway tile shapes that are placed together in repeating angles, creating not only a sense of pattern but also allowing you to direct the eye and flow of traffic in your outdoor space. You can even use these traditional tiles on your outdoor pool’s walls, with the herringbone tiles around the pool surrounds as a dramatic feature. It is important to note, however, that only specified subway tile collections or materials can be used in these sorts of applications as most of these tiles are designed for indoor use due to their smaller size being impractical for outdoor applications. Larger subway tile formats in specific materials that can withstand exposure to the elements outdoors can be sourced from your local tile store, however; during the tile selection process, it is advised that you communicate your intended application to your tile consultant in order to receive the best information and recommendations of the most suitable subway tiles for these areas.

Experimenting with Square Tile Patterns

Using another simple, classic tile shape, you can create more exciting patterns in your outdoor spaces and pools for a unique and personalised touch. Larger or smaller shaped square tiles can be laid in the traditional grid format they can be staggered or even laid in a stylish diamond tile layout for a modern look.

Experimenting with Square Tile Patterns
Traditional square shaped outdoor tiles can be used in a range of different layouts to add a sense of style and pattern to your outdoor spaces. These tiles can be laid in luxurious diamond layouts, simple grid patterns or in staggered designs for an elegant and timeless look in your outdoor design scheme.

Once again, you will find a vast range of tile materials available in traditional square tiles from porcelain to concrete and natural stone varieties, allowing you to create exciting patterns and colour schemes in your outdoor designs. Another exciting option that will allow you to introduce more colour and pattern to your outdoor design scheme is glass mosaic tile. Glass mosaic tiles can be found in an endless range of colour options, including shimmering metallic and more! Glass tiles are often used as a pool tile, being strong and durable enough to be able to withstand being constantly submerged in water while also creating a glistening effect that reacts with the natural light and refractions through the water.

Thanks to the endless colour options available as well as their smaller square size, glass mosaic tiles can even be used to create dramatic works of art within your outdoor pool or as a feature wall in your garden. These incredibly low maintenance square-shaped tiles can be designed in a similar fashion to pixel art, with each individual tile piece being carefully planned and located in such a way that when viewed altogether will create a stunning piece of art. Using a combination of contrasting colours, you can create completely custom patterns or murals that will add a luxurious and sophisticated touch to your overall outdoor design scheme.

Glass mosaic tiles
Glass mosaic tiles can be used to create intricate works of art in your outdoor pool or as a garden feature wall for a truly unique and personal experience in your new design scheme.

Outdoor tiles in the traditional subway or square shape can be used in a large variety of styles to help you create unique patterns in your design scheme. Thanks to their timeless appeal and flexibility in design, these classic tile shapes are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and even materials, allowing you to experiment with colours and patterns for a unique and personal touch in your outdoor and pool design scheme.

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