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3 Orlando Resort Features That Will Keep You Coming Back

Orlando Resort

If you visit some of the resorts in Orlando, you will find that they have some features that your whole family should enjoy. Many have just the basics, but a few have some extras that set them apart. You might feel okay paying a little more to secure a spot there for your next vacation.

For instance, you might check out Solara Resort this year. It is the type of place that should thrill your kids and whoever else comes with you on your trip.

Let’s discuss some features that should get your attention if you are looking at some of what the resorts around Orlando have to offer.

Theme Rooms

You can get a hotel room that has a nice bed, a TV, and the other usual features. Can you imagine how your kids’ eyes will light up when they see a Star Wars room complete with life-size stormtroopers, though?

You can get rooms like that with some Orlando area resorts. If you get a room at a resort that has Disney-licensed characters, then your kids can stay in a room with a Frozen theme or one with the Incredibles in it.

These rooms capture a child’s imagination, and if one of your kids has a birthday or some other special event coming up, why not make it special? Getting a theme room will give them a truly unforgettable experience.


Some Orlando resorts have expansive waterparks right there on the grounds. If you visit one of the Disney parks or one of the Universal Studios ones, you can certainly find some fun water rides, but why not check out a resort with a waterpark right outside the window?

Your kids can float along the lazy river or ride down the slides again and again. If you’re there during the summer’s hottest days, they can put on their swimsuits and spend time in the waterpark in between excursions to the various amusement parks around Orlando.

Outdoor Courts And Sports Fields

You might also look into Orlando area resorts that have outdoor courts and sports fields that the guests can enjoy. You can play tennis with your kids if they are into it. You might also challenge your spouse or partner.

You can play racket ball, squash, or pickleball. You might get some athletic equipment and try out the archery range, or you can play a game of pickup softball if you can find some other players and form teams.

Other resorts have ping pong or driving ranges. Some have put greens where you can practice your short game. If you have athletes in your family, you might play there at the resort all day.

Some of the nicer ones also have excellent restaurants right there on the grounds. You can make a reservation and have a delicious steak dinner after burning a bunch of calories during the day. The resort you choose can enhance your Orlando vacation experience dramatically.    

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