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How Students Can Make the Most of Online Tutoring and Homework Assistance Platforms

Homework Assistance Platforms

The COVID-19 pandemic forced 1.2 billion children in 186 countries out of their classrooms. Teachers and parents feared that if school closures continued for long, it would seriously affect students’ academics and mental well-being. Sadly, the pandemic was only getting worse when it started in 2020, and schools and colleges were to remain shut for a long time. 

Thankfully, many educational institutions took the initiative of continuing classes online. This initiative led to many changes in how we use the internet for learning. It also popularized EdTech platforms and revolutionized them in a way.

The global EdTech market had a value of $18 billion in 2019. By the time we were a year into the pandemic, experts had predicted that this value would reach $350 billion by 2025. As of 2021, the EdTech market has a value of over $250 billion. So, it’s possible that by 2025, the value will cross well over $350 billion. 

Online tutoring and homework assistance platforms are dominating the EdTech industry at present. These platforms provide students with a variety of services, and needless to say, students are enjoying them. However, to get the best out of these platforms, students must first know how to make the most of them. 

So, in this article, we’ll look at how students can make the most of online tutoring and homework assistance platforms or websites.

Knowing When to Seek Help

Some homework and assignment problems don’t require a tutor’s assistance. You can find their solutions via a simple Google search. However, you can’t find the solution so easily in some cases.

Suppose your teacher assigned you a tricky problem on WebAssign. You can’t find its solution anywhere online because your teacher tailor-made the question for you and your class. That’s when you should use an online homework assistance platform to get WebAssign help. These platforms have experienced tutors who regularly deal with uncommon or out-of-the-box questions. So, they’ll be perfect for helping you out with these problems. 

Finding the Right Tutors

Online tutoring and homework assistance platforms always have experienced tutors. However, not all of them will appeal to your taste or style of study. Hence, you have to find the perfect match for you, and you can do that by going through the reviews.

Observe what other students have to say about the tutor before reaching out to them. Note what sets those tutors apart, how they teach, what their skills are, and so on. Analyzing these details will help you find tutors perfect for catering to your educational needs. 

Going Through Existing Q&As

Most students come to online homework and assignment assistance platforms to seek help with their questions. However, rarely does anyone go through existing Q&As of the same topic. That’s a practice that can help you understand how teachers ask questions about that topic. It highlights the most crucial points from that topic and provides a rough estimate of where the most common questions are coming from. 

Studying these questions will also tell you how well-versed you are in that particular topic. If you want, you can see it as a challenge and try solving additional questions from these platforms without looking at their answers. 

Seeking Detailed Solutions

Your tutors will provide you with detailed solutions to your questions in most cases. However, do ask them for it if they don’t do so. Never be satisfied with just the answer. Seek detailed guidelines on how your tutor came to that answer or conclusion. 

That serves two purposes. Firstly, you can never be done with your homework or assignment just by writing the final answer. You need to show your teachers the detailed version. They’ll want to know how you found that answer or reached that conclusion. 

Secondly, you might encounter similar problems in your exams or future assignments. So, it’ll be of great help to you if you know how to approach such issues, and the best way to do so is by going through their detailed solutions. 

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Avoiding Direct Copying

The Center for Academic Integrity conducted a study that revealed that almost 80% of college students had cheated at least once. A similar study by the Psychological Record shows how 36% of undergrads plagiarize written materials like essays and reports. Getting caught doing all this has almost always led to either a suspension or the college expelling the student. 

Cheating and plagiarism are never good. Not only can it get you in trouble, but it also means that you’re not learning anything. 

So, never copy-paste your answers from online learning platforms. Instead, take inspiration from them, and learn how your tutor has approached the question. You can follow their answer structure but never copy everything word to word. 

Such cases of copying and plagiarism also impact these online tutoring and homework assistance platforms. Students misuse their services, and schools and colleges blame the platforms. That’s why you’ll often see schools and colleges calling out these platforms and asking higher authorities to put a stop to them. 

These are the many ways students can make the most of online tutoring and homework assistance platforms. The platforms themselves are doing whatever possible to make the learning experience seamless for students. However, it falls on their pupils to not misuse their services and make the most of them.

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