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Online Cricket Betting in India: What You Need to Know Before Placing Your First Bet

What Is Cricket Betting Online?

Cricket is currently the most popular sport in India and it has come over to the country from Great Britain. Correspondingly, the sport has a much longer history in Europe compared to Asia. However, the people of the region fell in love with the sport so much that it instantly found a wide audience and even became one of the symbols of the country. It is cricket matches that attract the highest number of fans compared to other sports, with hundreds of thousands of people watching the matches on television. 

Just like any other sport, it is in the interest of fans to combine business with pleasure: they can watch cricket matches, root for their favorite teams and win money at the same time. This is why many cricket fans are keen to bet on cricket on online betting platforms, for example,, putting other popular sports like football or tennis aside. 

Today, you can bet on cricket on many different betting platforms. You will surely find this market on all Indian-oriented platforms. Along with this, cricket as a betting option is also offered by international betting companies who are trying to attract customers from all over the world. 

Particularly interesting for bettors from India, you can even find local cricket matches on some platforms. Also, there are different types of betting on this sport. For instance, players often bet on the outcome of a game, their favourite team or their favourite player. 

Is Cricket Betting Online Legal in India?

It is important to note that cricket betting has significant differences from conventional gambling, which many people forget about. Here, it is worth referring to the Indian legislation. The legislation of India differentiates sports betting from other forms of gambling; sports betting requires a lot of skill, whereas gambling is all about luck. 

Also, Indian law allows each state to regulate gambling in their respective territories individually. Thus, offline sports betting is legal only in 12 casinos, which are located in Sikkim, Goa, and Daman. 

At the same time, gamblers are free to bet on sports online – the Indian law cannot control these betting sites as they are offshore. Moreover, there are no federal laws in India regarding online betting. 

So if you want to bet on cricket online, don’t worry: it’s completely legal. Nevertheless, you should only choose trusted online bookmakers who are licensed. 

Cricket Betting Online in Indian Rupees

Given that many betting companies include cricket in their lists of sports, players can expect these platforms to also have Indian Rupees as the payment currency. 

On platforms that support Indian rupees, players from India can make deposits and withdrawals as well as get various bonuses and activate promotional offers in the local currency. What’s more, most of these sites also offer the most popular payment methods in India. 

Bookmakers Payment Methods

Bookmakers offering cricket betting to their customers are becoming more and more advanced every year. First and foremost, of course, this affects the payment methods.

To win the hearts of as many customers as possible, companies are trying to give them access to their most preferred payment systems. 

In India, by the way, there are several local payment systems which are gradually being introduced to international betting platforms. 

This is why on many betting sites you will find payment systems that are familiar to you, such as:

  • UPI;
  • IMPS;
  • BHIM;
  • PayTM;
  • PayPe;
  • Skrill;
  • AstroPay;
  • Google Pay;
  • RuPay;
  • Cryptocurrencies and many others. 

Betting Formats for Online Cricket Betting

When it comes to betting formats, there is a wide variety available for cricket betting. What is particularly important is to study the game and the teams thoroughly. Only by analysing every component of the match can you make a winning bet. 

The Winner of the Match

This is the most usual betting format. You bet on the team you think will win the match. You can also wager on a draw. 

The Winner of the Toss

At the start of every match, a flip of a coin will decide which team will be the first to play. Before the match, you can make your prediction. So, if you can guess who it is you will be able to get a high-odds payout. 

Best Batsman

You can bet on the player who will be chosen as the best batsman after the match. In this case, you should certainly study the stats of all players on the team. 

Best Player

This betting format is similar to the previous one, but you have to select the best player. The award for the best player will usually go to the winning team. 

Best Individual Score

You can also bet on a player who can score the most runs during the game. This player can be selected from any team. 


With this betting format, you can bet on various categories: total number of runs, points in the match, and many other events. 

Tips for Winning at Cricket Betting Online 

Of course, cricket betting online is a lot of fun, but it can be quite challenging at times. The bettor should not only count on his or her luck but also take the analysis of the match and the market as a whole very seriously. 

If you are interested in winning even more money, take the time to learn how the game works. You must know about the game as much as possible. This allows you to make more accurate predictions. 

Also, you should pay attention to the form of both teams before and during the game. This will give you some insight into which team is in better shape and, therefore, more likely to win. 

On top of that, don’t be lazy to take the time to choose a betting website with the best odds. Many trusted bookmakers offer good value for your money. 

At last, you ought to always stay patient and remember that practice makes perfect. Good luck!

The Risks of Cricket Betting

There is no doubt that cricket betting online is an interesting and exciting process. However, just like with betting on any other sport, there are risks involved. Many gamblers, consumed by excitement, often spend more on bets than they can afford. Sometimes, instead of betting a few rupees on their favourite team, they end up losing huge amounts of money if something doesn’t go their way. 

Before you start betting on cricket, make sure to thoroughly weigh all the risks. 


To sum it up, there is somewhat of a cult of cricket in India. This market is hugely popular among Indian bettors, partly due to its variety and thrilling course of play. 

Today, many betting platforms allow their customers to bet on a cricket event. In addition, some of these platforms are international and some are aimed specifically at the Indian player. On online cricket betting platforms, bettors can bet on both international and local cricket tournaments. 

If you are interested in online cricket betting, you should check out the key aspects of the game to increase your chances of winning. 

That being said, remember that when it comes to cricket betting, there is always room for improvement. Be patient and always remember that cricket betting is, first and foremost, a great way to have fun and receive positive emotions. 


What bonuses can I receive for online cricket betting?

Players starting in sports betting, including cricket, can get different kinds of bonuses. Here, it all depends on the betting platform you choose. 

For example, many bookmakers offer no deposit bonuses. You can get them for registering, verifying your account and other activities. With this type of bonus, you get a certain amount of money in your account, which you then use to place your first bet. 

You can also get a first deposit bonus. After registering, you need to deposit a certain amount, to which this bonus will be added. 

Many online betting sites also offer a free bet bonus. In essence, you can bet on the event that interests you without spending any of your own money.

Also, all bettors know about the welcome bonus – almost every betting company gives it. You usually get this bonus for creating an account, making a first deposit and doing some other activities. 

Are there only Indian cricket tournaments available?

In fact, despite its popularity in the country, cricket matches are not only played in India. Players can bet on any tournament taking place anywhere in the world! Many boomers offer both smaller and larger cricket events. 

As far as cricket outside India is concerned, there are international competitions like IPL, BPL, Big Bash and many others. 

What should I look for while choosing a cricket bookmaker?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you should always sign up with only trusted and legitimate betting sites. The company must have a valid license that allows them to operate in this field. Before you make your final choice, it is a good idea to check the online reviews for a particular company. 

Also, if you are choosing a cricket bookmaker, investigate the tournaments and matches that are available. 

Is there live betting for cricket?

Yes, there are also many live cricket betting sites on the market. With live betting, the odds are constantly changing, because the match is taking place at the exact moment. If you are good at analyzing events on the field as well as reacting quickly to them, you stand a good chance of winning big. 

Plus, many of these platforms have a built-in feature to watch the match directly on the site. 

How do I place a bet on cricket?

Placing a bet on cricket doesn’t differ from any other sport and it’s quite easy. To make your first cricket bet, you should only take five steps:

  1. Thoroughly analyse the types of cricket betting offered:
  2. Study the odds. You should also compare the odds between different bookmakers;
  3. Place a bet. Select the match you are interested in and bet on one of the outcomes;
  4. Wait for the end of the match;
  5. In case of a winning bet, withdraw your prize money.

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