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5 Reasons Why You Need Loafers In Your Wardrobe

Loafers In Your Wardrobe

Currently, your style has to be on par with society’s standards. Part of these certain styles is your shoes. One footwear that you could consider a trend now is loafers. Generally, these shoes are made and designed without lace. Additionally, it is also called slip-on.

These shoes are a trend now and can also be considered a staple in your wardrobe. Aside from being slip-on, the fashion industry ensured there would be styles for both males and females. In this article, you will be given five reasons why you need a pair of loafers in your wardrobe.

1. Ease Of Wear

Loafers are made to give you that comfort with ease of wearing. With a simple slip to the feet, you would already be wearing shoes. Compared to the usual business leather shoes, loafers have a much more snuggly fit to your feet. It does not give you the ick or the awkward feel when you wear it. 

Since loafers are just slipped, you can easily remove your shoes in your office or under your table when your feet are hurt. And because they are slip-on, all you need to do is put them on, and you will be ready for your day. Some loafers have laces, but most are part of the design and won’t need to be tied off, so getting them off won’t be hard.

Additionally, loafers are usually the shoes of celebrities and working people when they want to impress but do not want to sacrifice too much of their comfort. 

2. It Is Versatile

Loafers are considered a classic and timeless piece. Initially, they were invented and worn by dairy farmers. As time went by, the function and style of these shoes have also improved. Now, loafers are used much more than dairy farms, which is now seen in business, formal, and casual settings. 

And since it is comfortable, most people could use it for everyday functions. If you think about it, having a loafer in your wardrobe could be very beneficial when attending multiple events for the day. For example, you must go to work in the morning and attend a formal event in the evening. You don’t have to think about your shoes because they are flexible for both events.

3. The Durability

Since loafers were initially made for dairy farmers, they had to ensure they were made of good quality materials with a minimum chance of breaking. So now, the loafers you know are made durable to last without replacing the shoes too soon.

In today’s trend, loafers can also be your go-to shoes on your travels. Since it is durable and comfortable, you can take a trip and tour places without killing your feet.

4. Its Practicality

Because of its durability, you won’t need to change or buy new shoes ever so often. Another reason it is practical is because of its versatile features. You won’t need more additional pairs when loafers are in your wardrobe. It can make casual outfits into professional ones or tone down business suits to casual ones depending on what you need for the events.

Additionally, these pairs of shoes could be considered timeless and can be used through a few trends and seasons. You do not need to buy the season shoes trends because loafers are not just a trend but can already be considered a must-have in your wardrobe.

5. Timeless Style

Shoes that never go out of trend could be useful in your wardrobe. Even if the design changes or becomes out of trend for a moment, it will still be part of the next trend because of its other features. Loafers are also made of leather; you can never go wrong with leather shoes!

Loafers are not just considered trendy, but it has also become a staple piece for your wardrobe. Aside from the general loafers discussed, you can also look at this link:

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Habbot studios have diverse and very unique shoe designs that were stitched and made in Le Marche, Italy. Each piece is carefully handcrafted to give you a comfortable but quality product. Hopefully, this article has enlightened you on reasons to get loafers for your wardrobe.

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