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Need for Training as Laser Scanners Increase in Popularity


The speed is quite exhilarating. Businesses are now able to do more and more work in less time. They can now produce faster results while performing various tasks that they would not have been able to there before. Laser scanners have been doing rounds in the market for some time now, but the emergence of more affordable models with hard drive storage has made these gadgets increase in popularity.

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More and more architects, surveyors, engineers, and forensic scientists, among other professionals, are making good use of laser scanners in their professions. The president of Nobles Consulting Group Inc. said that laser scanners would soon follow the course of global positioning systems. Alan Nobles from the Florida-based consulting firm said that they are pushing for a 3D world, and technically that is where scanning is headed.

His consulting firm offers its services in the southeastern United States. The president also noted that the scanning market is going to change drastically in the next five years. Sometime back, GPS was employed by pilots, surveyors, boaters, and the military most of the time. However, if you look at it today, GPS is everywhere, including cars, computers, and phones. BNP laser scanning surveying trends study has it that over 40 percent of the respondents argue that the surveying profession could be the leader in laser scanning implementation.

Out of all the people surveyed and using scanners, 40% did not use laser scanners a few years ago. The number had dropped from 60% of respondents who had not used laser scanners a few years ago back in 2013.

But then, the growth and spread of technology bear the urgency of education and training. Rom studies and research conducted show a need for laser scanning courses and training to the public.

Back in Time

Did you know laser scanning was first discovered around the 1960s? However, the technology never made it to the engineers’ and surveyor’s fieldwork until the late 1990s. Noble’s company bought the first laser scanner in 2003. The machine was bulky and massive, and even its functionality was quite different from the modern-day laser scanners.

One official said that they had to take a two- or three-day lesson to learn how the scanner works. They ran test jobs with it, and with time they could run up to 10 scans per day even though it would take hours. Anyone keen enough before the scanners arrived will tell you that learning the use of the latest technology is never easy. Laser scanning is ultimately a profound cultural change.

Scanning is not straightforward, but again the scanner is worth your money. People who ventured into the laser scanners just when they were new in the market did get faster results – but they are less impressive than today’s laser scanners. Back then, the scanners were not as fast and efficient as now.

Today, you can perform a task in literally 30 seconds, which took around 6 hours back then. Today’s laser scanners are pretty sophisticated, smaller, and more effective than those days. Today a survey company can complete thousands of laser scans in few hours compared to what would have been in the past.

Getting Help

With the introduction of new technology, you can expect new problems like learning how to use it to your advantage effectively. According to Lase Scanning Surveying Trends research, 67% of people who use laser scanners feel like colleges are not offering adequate training to the next generation on how to use this new technology efficiently.

The majority of laser scanner users do not have any training on the usage of the gadgets. However, 67% of the respondents say that they plan on taking laser scanning training soon. Nobles claim that there are not many places today where you can get specialized laser scanning training. Most of the conferences and online courses offer general courses that may not be as detailed as they should be.

However, training opportunities seem to be expanding. Leica’s conference around 12 years ago offered only one class, but today the HxGN LIVE offered over 20 classes. Trainers are creating aggressive programs to quench the hunger for information out there.

Laser scanning is becoming more and more a significant part of the work environment in most businesses. Tools seem to be easier to use, which means laser scanning is tremendously growing. Today you notice laser scanning in almost everything. You will discover imagery in real estate, drones now have laser scanning technology, and it seems it is barely scratching the surface. There are endless possibilities with laser scanning, and learning opportunities are also opening up.  

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