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7 Most Injured Regions Of The Body In Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorbikes are much less stable than cars and are also less visible to drivers on the road. Since motorcycles do not give you the protection of an enclosed vehicle like cars, it is more prone to accidents. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorbike riders are more likely to meet a fatal accident 26 times more than car passengers. They are five times more likely to get injured.

Taking safety measures while riding a bike is of utmost importance. However, should you meet with an accident, which body parts do you think gets most affected? Between 2001 and 2008, the CDC looked at the 1,222,000 patients treated in U.S. emergency departments for non-fatal motorcycle accidents and reported their injuries by body part.

Look at the most common body parts injured during a motorcycle accident. 

1. Traumatic Brain Injury

One of the most serious injuries from a motorcycle accident is head injuries, particularly traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The largest risk of death or permanent impairment is associated with tuberculosis. Your head is undoubtedly the most vital component of your complete body, and it houses your brain, which is your body’s powerhouse and motherboard. You might have a shattered skull, a concussion, brain swelling, brain hemorrhage, or worse if you take a hit to the head.

Because the effects of a brain injury are so far-reaching, these injuries are exceptionally traumatic for patients. It might impede your capacity to talk or move your limbs and various other subconscious biological functions.

Therapy will help get them back on track, just like considering adult speech therapy, which will help them communicate effectively again.

Spinal Injuries

2. Spinal Injuries and Broken Bones

Spinal damage is among the most prevalent motorcycle accident injuries. When thrown from a motorbike or colliding with another large vehicle, the spine can be severely damaged, resulting in partial or total paralysis. Even a slight spine injury can result in long-term complications, necessitating long-term treatment and physical therapy.

A fracture might occur if you are thrown from your bike or in an accident. Wearing protective clothing such as leather and gloves can avoid fractures. Face fractures can also occur if a full-face helmet is not used.

3. Road Rash All Over the Body

Another terrible consequence of a motorbike collision is the development of road rash. No matter how fast you’re going, your motorbike can hit another car and force the body to slide down the road. Abrasions, burns and severe bruising can result from the road scraping through the strongest clothing and into the flesh beneath. Road rash may lead to lifelong ailments such as infections, nerve damage, and skin irritation in severe cases.

Muscle Damage

4. Muscle Damage

Road rash can accelerate the fast degradation of muscular tissue and mass. It occurs exclusively in catastrophic motorcycle accidents where the victim falls at an incredible speed while riding a bike.

Roads have a flat angle, and the sufferer tends to slide on the ground before coming to a complete stop. Muscle tissue is vital for fundamental human activities, and even though it can heal, healing from this stress might take months. Moreover, you may have to deal with high medical bills without a stable regular income during this period.

5. Thorax

The heart, lungs, and other internal organs are within the thorax, protected by the ribs. Internal bleeding and injury to any of these essential organs can result from blunt force trauma to the chest. Broken ribs are common among motorcycle accident victims, and they can puncture a lung or lacerate the spleen, kidney, or liver.

The lungs are particularly sensitive and prone to collapse and damage in motorbike accidents. Lung injuries frequently necessitate mechanical ventilation and, in some situations, surgery. A ruptured aorta is also a possibility for injured bikers. These injuries nearly usually necessitate surgery and can be deadly in some cases.

6. Face/Neck

Injuries to the face and neck are common among motorcycle riders involved in accidents. Broken noses, jawbones, and teeth are all common facial injuries. Riders may have lasting scars, deformities, and mental trauma from such a traumatic encounter. Whiplash can occur when a motorcycle is hit from behind. After a hit, a driver’s neck is “whipped” back and forth, causing whiplash.

The muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and nerves of the neck can be damaged in motorcycle accidents. The injury may be transient or permanent and might impact a person’s ability to control head and neck movement. Severe neck injuries can injure the spinal cord, resulting in partial or complete paralysis. Nerve damage can produce discomfort in the jaw, ears, arms, and hands, among other areas.

7. Internal Injuries

Accidents involving motorcycles can result in blunt-force injuries. This force is so powerful that it does not penetrate your skin. Organs are instead injured, and bleeding might occur. Internal injuries can be challenging to diagnose on one’s own. You may realize that you aren’t feeling well yet unaware you’re experiencing liver or stomach bleeding. Penetration trauma might also result in internal damage. Broken glass, for example, can pierce the skin and cause injury to the stomach, lungs, and arteries. This might result in issues that need surgery and immediate medical attention.


On your bike, you’ve always felt secure. Then you got into a car accident. Your motorcycle accident injuries cost you more than just physical agony; they also cost you your peace of mind. A single unlucky mishap has the potential to transform your life forever. So, be alert for these frequent injuries if you or a loved one has just been in a motorbike accident and seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

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