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Monsters Season 2 Trailer Released on Netflix – “Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story” is coming

Monsters Season 2 Trailer Released on Netflix

The trailer for Season 2 of Netflix’s “Monsters” has recently been released, revealing the subject of the upcoming season. The popular anthology series explores the themes of horror, fantasy, and science fiction with each episode telling a unique and often chilling story.

The trailer for Season 2 begins with scenes of a dark and eerie forest, hinting at the ominous atmosphere that viewers can expect from the new season. The voiceover then introduces the subject of the new season: the Wendigo.

The Wendigo is a creature from Algonquin folklore, a malevolent spirit associated with winter, coldness, and starvation. The Wendigo is said to inhabit the forests and mountains of the northern United States and Canada, preying on humans who venture too deep into its domain.

The trailer shows glimpses of the creature, with sharp teeth and glowing eyes, lurking in the shadows of the forest. The season promises to explore the fear and terror that the Wendigo inspires, as well as the mythology and cultural significance of the creature.

Season 2 of “Monsters” features a talented cast of actors and directors, including Jennifer Kent, the director of the horror hit “The Babadook,” and Mike Flanagan, the creator of the popular Netflix series “The Haunting of Hill House.” The season will consist of eight episodes, each telling a standalone story that explores different aspects of the Wendigo legend.

“Monsters” has been a hit with fans of horror and speculative fiction since its debut in 2018. The series has been praised for its creative storytelling and its ability to blend different genres and styles into a cohesive and thrilling whole. With the addition of the Wendigo to the series’ roster of monsters, Season 2 promises to be even more terrifying and captivating than its predecessor.

The Wendigo is a fascinating and complex figure in folklore and mythology, and its inclusion in “Monsters” is sure to spark discussions and debates among fans. Viewers can look forward to exploring the different interpretations and representations of the creature, as well as its cultural significance and relevance to contemporary society.

The release date for Season 2 of “Monsters” has not yet been announced, but fans can expect it to arrive on Netflix sometime shortly. In the meantime, the trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse of the horrors that await in the dark and foreboding forests of the north. Fans of horror and supernatural fiction are sure to be eagerly anticipating the return of “Monsters” and the arrival of the Wendigo.

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