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Modern Kitchen Decor Ideas You Can Steal From Celebrities

Modern Kitchen Decor Ideas

Creating a modern kitchen space in your home can be a daunting task. This is mainly if you are a newbie looking for inspiration to help you achieve your decor goals, you can even get a walk in butlers pantry. Finding the best decor ideas for your kitchen design may seem daunting at first unless you find good resources.

That’s why this article is here to help you get started with adding decor to your kitchen. It will look at some of the best decor ideas inspired by celebrities. That will provide you with the guidance you need to create the modern kitchen space you need in your home.

Read on for kitchen decor ideas that are worth implementing.

1. Introduce Cheese Boards

The kitchen tools in your space can determine its look and feel. That’s why you should think about having all the tools you think will help create the environment you desire. For example, you should consider having cheese boards and serving boards in your kitchen space.

Cheeseboards can help you serve appetizers in style. That’s why they were an Instagram food trend sometimes back when many people discovered how useful they could be. You can even see them in kitchens from the movies you watch or if you follow celebrities who show off their space.

You can choose cheese boards with different factors in mind. For instance, you can consider factors like size, shape, or material. You might choose a round cheeseboard if looking for the shape. Also, consider a small or large cheese board if choosing with size in mind.

In addition, you might want to check out what’s best between resin or wooden cheese boards. It will be a good idea to check what best fits your needs before purchasing. Once you decide, you can go for wholesale cheese boards if you want them in bulk.

2. Think About Wooden Boards

As you’ve seen above, kitchens have different kinds of boards. There can be cheese boards, serve boards, charcuterie boards, etc. You can choose different materials for any of these types of boards. For instance, you can choose resin, epoxy, wooden, or a material that appeals to you.

Not many people think of wooden items as modern. However, wooden boards can help you transform the look and feel of your kitchen space. That’s why it is advisable to consider adding a wooden serving board or cheese board to your space, especially if you love a good blend of rustic and modern style.

When blended well with other decors, wooden serve ware can impact your space. The best way to ensure that happens is to choose wooden items that have beautiful designs. For instance, if you want to introduce wooden boards to the space, choose those that are polished to perfection.

That will mean that you do not only get wooden serve ware for your kitchen. You get beautiful decorations that will make your space worth spending time in. That will make it easy for you to create a modern kitchen that will wow your guests, and elevates the look of your home.

3. Have a Painted Ceiling

Your ceiling is one of the focal points in the kitchen. It would help if you made it appealing to the eye because it can determine the mood in your kitchen. One of the best ways to work around the ceiling is to paint it. That’s a cheap yet impactful way to add some decoration to your space.

Painting your ceiling won’t only be cheap but also convenient. It is better than working on extravagant kitchen decor that will need a lot of money and time to implement. You only need to choose the best paint color for your kitchen space to get started with this process.

The best paint for the kitchen has to match the other decor. It should, for instance, match the paint on your walls. Also, you can ensure it matches with other decor items in your home. This includes the serve ware and other items that you buy for your kitchen needs.

An excellent example is when you have wooden serve ware in your kitchen. The best option will be adding some rustic paint to the wall and ceiling. That will make it easy to achieve a uniform look throughout the space. Also, it will make the space appear even more modern.

If you already have a painted ceiling and walls, consider buying items with a matching color. As said above, if your ceiling already has a dull color, you can consider adding some wooden items. For example, you should go for wooden serve ware that will complement well into the mix.

Painting your ceiling can help you create similar designs to celebrities without breaking your bank. This means you won’t need to buy a new ceiling if there already is one installed.

4. Include Glassware

Include Glassware

We’ve already mentioned several materials that you can consider when buying kitchenware. As a homeowner, one option you can consider when choosing materials is glassware. Despite being fragile, not many people know what glassware can bring into their space.

You can buy some glassware with beautiful designs and introduce it to your space. Glassware brings that modern feel you need in your kitchen. All you need to do is be extra careful with handling because they can break easily. Otherwise, there’s no reason not to have glassware.

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It will also be an excellent idea to combine glassware with other materials. For instance, you can have glassware alongside wooden serve ware. Such a combination, if used well, will make your space look better. 

Also, it will ensure you can easily switch from an entirely rustic design to a modern one or vice versa.


This is everything you need to know about kitchen decor. This article has discussed some of the best ideas you should consider implementing. All that’s left is to start your kitchen decor journey by implementing some of the beautiful designs discussed in this post.

For instance, you should include cheese boards and serving boards in your decor plan. This will make it easy for you to create the kind of kitchen space you admire. Also, you can consider engraving kitchen items like cheese boards to personalize your kitchen space.

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