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Meredith Schwarz Hegseth, Bio, Net Worth, Lifestyle, etc

Meredith Schwarz Hegseth| Meredith Schwarz Hegseth Biography| Meredith Schwarz Hegseth age| Meredith Schwarz Hegseth career

Meredith Schwarz may not be a well-established celebrity or a popular face from the entertainment industry. But she, most certainly, is one of the prominent celebrity Exes. Presently, she is a successful restaurateur who rose to fame after being married to the renowned author Pete Hegseth. Meredith’s ex-husband Pete is a known personality worldwide. He is an American news host and a famous news contributor in Fox News.

Here comes a piece from Lemony Blog, dedicated to Meredith Schwarz Hegseth, bio, net worth, lifestyle, etc. Also, read the interesting facts about the former Mrs. Hegseth.

As a professional, Meredith has had an extremely successful career. She, however, rose to prominence after being in a relationship with Hegseth. The duo is said to have met and fallen in love during their school days. After seeing each other for a couple of years, Hegseth and Schwarz decided to exchange wedding vows in 2004. However, the marriage did not last for long. 5-years after marrying Hegseth, Schwarz decided to part ways. Read about Meredith and Hegseth’s love story in the later section.

Who is Meredith Schwarz Hegseth?

Meredith Schwarz is an American celebrity Ex. She was married to the American news host and author Pete Hegseth. The couple walked across the aisle in 2004 but decided to separate in 2009.

While Meredith is a business lady who has served in multiple businesses including culinary, Hegseth is a news contributor. He is a former Army National Guard Officer. Pete is also the former executive director of political advocacy groups namely Vets For Freedom and Concerned Veterans of America.

Read Meredith Schwarz Hegseth, bio, net worth, lifestyle, etc., and more.

Meredith Schwarz Biography/Wiki

Meredith was born in the year 1981, though we do not have specific details about her birth date. As of 2021, she is 40-years old. The elegant lady was born under the Gemini horoscope in New York City, United States of America. She is an American citizen by birth and has faith in Christianity.

Schwaz is of white descent. She completed her schooling via a local high school. Thereafter, she studied at Columbia University. She holds a Graduation degree in Bachelors of Arts in Restaurant Management.

Family Background

Keen on keeping her personal life private, Meredith did not reveal any information about her early life and family. The media outlets do not have any specific information about her parents or siblings either.

Even after tying the knot with Hegseth, Schwarz preferred life away from the paparazzi. She would keep her focus on her career and husband. After marrying the renowned Pete Hegseth, Meredith’s new family included her husband and his family, however, things changed when the couple decided to get divorced.

As of now, Meredith is an unmarried and successful businesswoman. Rumors have that the 40-years old restaurateur is happily married to her second husband. But information about her current husband is unknown to the masses. It is speculated that the couple got married in a low-key private ceremony. Meredith and her second husband also share two beautiful daughters aged 5 and 3-years, respectively, from their marriage.

Meredith Married Pete Hegseth

Meredith met Pete while she was studying at Princeton University. The world-class news host met his first wife while he was a student. The duo hit together instantly and decided to see each other. Gradually, they fell in love. After dating for years, Pete proposed to his long-time girl for marriage.

Meredith and Pete got married in a private ceremony consisting of close friends and family. Despite being in a peaceful marriage for 5-years, the couple did not share any children. Things started to fall out when Schwarz caught her husband cheating on her with one of his colleagues.

Eventually, the pair decided to walk out of the marriage. They divorced each other in 2009. A year later, Hegseth married Samantha Hegseth. Hegseth and his second wife met through some mutual friends. Being in a marriage for about 7-years, Samantha and Pete had parented three boys namely Gunner, Boone, and Rex Brian Hegseth. Samantha divorced her husband citing his extra-marital affair.

In 2019, Pete walked into a marriage with Jennifer Rauchet. He also birthed a gorgeous girl with her. The couple named their daughter Gwen Hegseth. 



Schwarz is a professional business executive. Though we do not have information about her work specifics, we know that she is working as a business executive at the Rustic Restaurant Group. She is also a partner at Rustica Bakery. Meredith also served as a culinary expert for several years.

She started her career as an intern at a pregnancy care center. Later, she worked in a provision community restaurant in Minneapolis. Schwarz also worked as an analyst and associate at JP Morgan. Thereafter, she was employed at General Mill’s M&A division. She departed from General Mill’s as a manager.

Having worked at Encore Consumer Capital, she joined Rustica as its CEO. She also worked as the Chief Finance Officer at The Minnesota Birth Control.

Her Net Worth

As the Chief Executive Officer of Rustic Restaurant Group, Meredith Schwarz earns a decent income. She is also the partner of the Rustic Group. She earns an annual salary of over $64K.

Having been the first wife of a powerful celebrity of America, we expect Schwarz to have gained a phenomenal settlement amount as alimony. Her Ex-husband Pete Hegseth has a net worth of over $3Million. As of 2022, her net worth is estimated to be around $250-$500K.

Lifestyle and Affluence

Pete Hegseth’s first wife Meredith Schwarz is a powerful and affluent woman indeed. She has earned herself quite some fortune. Presently, she is enjoying a happy and peaceful life in New York City. Netizens speculate that Schwarz is leading a life amidst luxury and comfort with her second husband and two kids.

Lemony Blog shall update Meredith Schwarz Hegseth, bio, net worth, lifestyle, etc once we know the details about her second marriage. 

Interesting Facts About Meredith Schwarz

  • Meredith Schwarz is one of the most successful businesswomen in America.
  • Miss Schwarz is 6feet tall.
  • She has hazel-colored hair and brown eyes. 
  • She is the first wife of American news host Pete Hegseth.
  • Leading a life away from the media, Meredith married her second husband a couple of years ago.
  • She is rumored to have birthed two kids with her second son.
  • Schwarz is a well-established business executive.
  • She is one of the partners of Rustic Restaurant Group.
  • She is the CEO of Rustic Restaurant Group.

Frequently Asked Questions | Meredith Schwarz Hegseth

1. Who is Pete Hegseth’s wife?

Pete Hegseth is a renowned news announcer from America. He is also an equally successful author. Hegseth married his first wife, Meredith Schwarz in 2004. The duo parted ways in 2009. Shortly after his separation from Schwarz, Pete tied the knot with Samantha Hegseth. After sharing a marriage for about 7-years, Samantha and Pete walked out of their marriage in 2017. Pete has parented three handsome boys in his marriage with Samantha.

Pete Hegseth’s third wife is Jennifer Rauchet. The duo married in 2019. Jennifer and Hegseth share a biological daughter named Gwen Hegseth.

2. Where is Pete Hegseth’s Ex-wife Meredith Schwarz now?

Pete Hegseth’s former wife, Meredith Schwarz, is an established businesswoman from New York. After divorcing Hegseth, she disappeared from the spotlight and started leading a low-profile life.

She has worked with some global giants like JP Morgan, General Mills Venture, and Encore Consumer Capital. Presently, she has a business venture in the Food & Beverage Industry. Schwarz is the CEO and partner at Rustica. 

3. Who is Meredith’s second husband?

The airs around the internet suggest Meredith has finally moved on from her Ex-husband Pete Hegseth. Netizens speculate that Meredith has married another man. They believe that the American business lady shares two children (boys) with her second husband. However, she never revealed any details about her new family citing privacy.

4. Why did Pete Hegseth divorce Meredith Schwarz?

The rumors have Meredith decided to divorce Hegseth. The cause of the partition in the marriage was Pete was involved in an extra-marital affair with one of his colleagues.

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