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Men’s Lifestyle Habits to Prevent ED

Habits to Prevent ED

The changes in the body that gradually change as they get older aggravate the worries of men, especially. In particular, such as ED is a disease that can be experienced by any man. Most of the time, they try to hide their symptoms, or sometimes they take untested and wrong methods.

Among the causes of erectile dysfunction, it is related to a decrease in blood circulation. Low intake of fruits and vegetables and fatty and fatty foods impairs blood circulation, which is important for erection. Another study found that those who ate nuts and olive oil, which contain heart-healthy fats such as fruits & vegetables, were less likely to suffer ED.

Men’s Lifestyle Habits

You Must Maintain An Appropriate Weight

Men who are overweight raise health problems that can cause fatal nerve damage to the human body, such as diabetes. You should always try to keep a healthy weight.

Cholesterol and blood pressure should be maintained well.

High cholesterol & high blood pressure can damage the blood vessels in the body. It is important to check your cholesterol and blood pressure regularly. If it is outside the normal level, it should be treated.

It’s best not to drink at all, but if you can’t, you should try to reduce it as much as possible. Chronic alcoholics can cause liver damage and ED due to nerve damage. Smoking is also fatal to erectile dysfunction. It’s best to quit smoking because nicotine hurts your blood vessels.

Check Your Testosterone Levels

The male hormone testosterone should be taken care of. Even in healthy men, as they age, the male hormone testosterone decreases, which leads to symptoms such as decreased libido, depression, and decreased physical strength, leading to problems in the entire love life. You need to see a specialist, get advice, and get the right treatment. Cenforce 100 and Vidalista 60 to treatment for ED.

Avoid Stress

You have to avoid stress. These psychological factors promote the production of adrenaline hormone that constricts blood vessels and adversely affects blood circulation, which adversely affects erection.

Do regular exercise

Regular exercise is also necessary. It is good to exercise that suits your physical condition, such as light walking, jogging, swimming, or aerobics. There are men who ride bicycles a lot because it is good for their health, but it can be a problem if you ride a bicycle for a long time. To prevent this problem, functional saddles for men are coming out. It is also an idea to wear sportswear that can absorb shock and stand up from time to time. Avoid cycling for too long.

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Good exercise for ED

The best thing to maintain an erection function is exercise. 

Even people who did not exercise at the beginning of the study had a reduced risk of ED if they exercised regularly afterward.

In middle-aged men, walking at least 3.5 kilometers a day reduced the chance of erectile dysfunction in half.

1. Aerobic Exercise

Exercises that promote blood circulation, especially aerobic exercise such as running, are effective for enhancing erection.

Running stimulates the release of nitric oxide, a natural Viagra. Nitric oxide is formed from the combination of arginine and oxygen.

It is desirable to adjust the running level according to one’s physical strength and ability.

In addition to running, swimming, golf, gymnastics, and hiking are also helpful.

2. Squat

There is a myth that the lower body is life for men, and one of the effective exercises to develop lower body strength is the squat.

A squat is an exercise that repeats sitting and standing with the bare body or equipment.

The thigh is the second heart and engine that pumps blood to the area around it, providing energy for walking and running, protecting the lower back, and supporting the pelvis.

The thigh becomes particularly important for middle-aged men with reduced blood circulation.

Therefore, if you strengthen and thicken your thighs through lower body exercises such as squats, you will also improve your health. Vidalista 20Cenforce 200Aurogra 100 to improve intimate life.

For reference, when the thickness of the thigh is measured at the nearest part of the groin, it is said that a healthy thigh is at least 55cm for men and 45-49cm for women.

3. Deadlift

This is an effective exercise for strengthening the hip and thigh muscles and the lower back.

Like the squat, it promotes the secretion of male hormones, which can be said to be a good exercise for a healthy life.

However, if you have high blood pressure, you need more oxygen than the general population, so it is good to exercise at about 70% of the general population.

However, due to many efforts and research on improving ED. Although it is difficult to completely prevent or treat erectile dysfunction through lifestyle changes, in many ways, it can slow the acceleration of ED and reduce its causes sufficiently.

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