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Melbourne Real Estate: Top Melbourne Suburbs to Buy Property in

Melbourne Suburbs

The capital city of Victoria, Melbourne, is a globally renowned place to live. Melbourne has been ranked the world’s eighth-best city to live in according to the Global Liveability Index 2021. Before 2021, the city was constantly in the top two cities for eight consecutive years. The city is beautiful and packed with stunning gardens, beaches, galleries, and museums.

If you are planning to move to Melbourne from some other country, you’ll fit right in since the report suggests that 34% of the city’s population was born abroad. That is the reason why the city enjoys a multi-cultural heritage and background. 

Once you move to the city, you get to enjoy the coffee culture, street art, cuisine, and free tram zone offered by the city. Not just that, if you check the weather radar for Melbourne, you’ll find that the city also enjoys pleasant weather all year round. The place is well known for receiving all four seasons in abundance.

You deserve to find a suitable home that matches the vibe of the wonderful city. However, with 482 suburbs on offer, it is difficult to decide which area is the best to live in and which suburb you must avoid. Moreover, you must pick the area to live in based on your interest.

If you’re also facing the dilemma of picking the right suburb to live in when moving to Melbourne, you’re in the right place. Here’s the list of the top five suburbs you must check out when moving to Melbourne. 

Bacchus Marsh

Melbourne is home to plenty of suburbs offering affordable housing. One of the best Melbourne suburbs with cheap housing is Bacchus Marsh. If you’re looking for a good deal on a property, the picturesque suburb of 22,000 people is one of the best bets.

According to the 2021 First-Home Buyer Report, it only takes 55 weeks to save up enough to secure a 20% deposit on an entry-level house in Bacchus Marsh. It shows how affordable the area is. You don’t have to spend through your nose to buy a property in this area. And once you become a resident, you are just 50 minutes from the Melbourne city center with access to Bacchus Marsh’s orchard, historic architecture, and hiking trails.


Sunbury is another stunning suburb in Melbourne that offers affordable housing to those who want to move here. An average two-bedroom house in Sunbury costs just AUD 4,10,000. And for the price, you get to live in one of the best wine regions in Australia, that are about a 35-minute drive from the city center.

The suburb is home to the volcanic hills of the Mount Holden Reserve. You can take a walk here to watch parakeets and platypuses in their natural habitat at the Emu Bottom Wetlands. If you are a nature lover and enjoy a good walk amidst greenery, Sunbury is the suburb for you.


Fitzroy is one of the trendiest suburbs in Melbourne, with a hipster vibe to it. The place is home to an abundance of creativity, from the Rose Street Artists’ Market to independent vintage stores. If you are into art and culture, this suburb is the perfect place to consider buying a property.

Apart from art and creativity, the area is also home to some of the best coffee shops, cruelty-free shops, meat-free restaurants, and lastly, the iconic Naked for Satan, a rooftop tapas bar. Once refueled, you can head to Johnston Street to pursue street art. Fitzroy is an ideal suburb to live in if you have an artistic inclination.

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If you consider yourself a food connoisseur or create content centered around food, Brunswick is where you need to be. The food culture in Brunswick is not that of fine dining but affordable cuisine that will give you the best taste sensation you have experienced in your life. 

You can enjoy global cuisine here, from Indian street food at Bhang to Asian Tapas at the Brunswick Mess Hall. If you’re into more western food, you can find fish tacos at the Los Hermanos Mexican Taqueria, modern Australian cuisine at Etta, Italian at Bar Idda, and more. This suburb is the foodies’ heaven and an ideal place to move to if you love eating out.


If you enjoy the nightlife, the hipster inner suburb of Collingwood is the perfect destination for you. From prohibition-era vibes to vintage feels, the suburb has a dossier of happening hangouts. The location is home to multiple breweries, live music scenes, and food joints that will turn any night into a fun night. Collingwood is where you should hunt for your house if that appeals to you.

By now, you should have a good idea as to where to move to in Melbourne. Look at the suburb that appeals to you the most and research the housing prices in that area. Once you find the perfect place, put the deposit down and start planning to move in soon.

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