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Who Is Maximilian David Muñiz? Biography, Age, Height, Nationality, Career, And Net Worth

Who Is Maximilian David Muñiz? Biography, Age, Height, Nationality, Career, And Net Worth

Maximilian David Muñiz was born on the 22nd of February in 2008. He is a celebrity child and was born to parents who are both celebrities in their own right. He is the son of actress cum singer Jennifer Lopez and legendary singer Marc Anthony. The 14-year-old kid is a real cutie. He attends shows and events frequently with his mother by his side. 

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez split up in 2014, but the two maintain an amicable relationship. Max is quite close to his father and is already beginning to look just like him. Reportedly, Lopez is currently in a relationship with NBA star Alex Rodriguez, with whom she plans to tie the knot. However, Max does not have any qualms about it and as per sources, shares a very friendly relationship with his would-be stepfather. Lopez and Rodriguez plan to marry soon and merge their families into a joyful joint family. 

Background Info on Maximillian David Muñiz

Maximilian David Muñiz was born on Long Island, New York. Both his parents are professional singers and as such, Maximilian seems to have gotten some of the singing genes himself. His twin sister, Emme Maribel Muñiz is more famous for her singing powers even at her age. However, back in September 2019, Lopez shared a video of Maximilian singing “Riptide” by Vance Joy as Eme strummed the guitar in accompaniment. He was also seen singing at the twins’ 11th birthday celebrations as a video collage played in the background. Looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, right? 

Lopez and Anthony were absolutely overjoyed when the twins were born. According to People magazine, her manager commented, “Jennifer and Marc are delighted, thrilled and over the moon.” 

Max might be his name, but his mother affectionately refers to him as her “little coconut” in all her online posts and shares. Currently, Max is studying at a Middle School on Long Island. He is even accompanied by a bodyguard for safety reasons. After all, he may be just 14 years old, but that does not mean that he doesn’t have any number of fans ready to throng him at a moment’s notice! 

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Achievements of Maximilian David Muñiz

Achievements of Maximilian David Muñiz

Being a child of celebrity parents is not his only accomplishment though. Even though Max is very young, he already has quite a few movie credits to his name. His most notable appearance has been in the 2022 romantic comedy movie, Marry Me alongside Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson, and Sarah Silverman. Now that’s some way to start off your career! 

His mother states that initially, he didn’t want to appear in the movie, but his friends did a good job of convincing him that it would be fun. Now that he has got a taste for it, Max intends to be an actor as a career. His doting mother states that he is an excellent voice actor, and can make up several voices and change them as needed. 

Max is also a published model with his first appearance being in Coach magazine back in 2020. He appeared alongside his mother, sister and grandmother as part of the Coach family campaign. 

What’s even more striking is that even before he was able to speak, People magazine offered Marc and Jennifer a whopping $6 million for exclusive pictures of the twins back in 2008. Back then, these pictures were the most expensive pictures to have ever been taken. Seems like his birth was a real stunner, huh? 

Other Tidbits of Info

Max is an extremely passionate person for his age. Moreover, he seems to be quite conscious of being a teenager and possesses a philanthropic side to himself as well. Reportedly, back in 2021, his mother told Elle magazine that her son had convinced her and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez to attend a Black Lives Matter protest. He told her that being a celebrity, she had the power to take a stand where it matters. Thus, Lopez decided to take the stand and attend the protest. In fact, both he and his sister helped them to make signs and appeared at the protest themselves.

 Net Worth 

The exact net worth of Maximilian David Muñiz is confidential data. However, both his parents are extremely wealthy being international celebrities. He has himself appeared in a movie which must surely have earned him a pretty figure. You can rest assured that it won’t be a tiny sum and most probably, will run into the millions. 


Maximilian David Muñiz is an amazing child with a bright and prospective future ahead of him. Like his parents, he is sure to earn fame in the years to come. He is already a child actor and as per some sources, might involve himself in the music industry. For someone who has already made a name for themselves at this age, the world is his playground.

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