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How Many Jobs are Available in Public Utilities

How Many Jobs are Available in Public Utilities

As we all know, one of society’s most essential components is the public utility industry. It offers broader public access to crucial services. Hence, you have come to the right spot if you wonder how many jobs are available in public utilities. 

With that in mind, it can be said that the area of public utilities is currently expanding quickly. For those who are interested, there are many options available. The moment has come to look at “What Companies Are In The Public Utilities Field“?

Public utilities include things like sewage, water, electricity, and gas. They are typically monopolized by the government, which ensures excellent pay and job security. But first, let’s understand what public utility jobs are, what they are like, and how much money you can earn in this industry before we look at how many of them there are. 

Public utilities and the number of jobs available will both be covered in this article. Now that you have read this piece, you should be aware of everything there is to know about public utilities. Since the subject is broad, you have access to a wide range of opportunities. To learn more about the various employment categories in this industry, continue reading.

Overview of Public Utility Jobs

The public utility sector includes a wide range of job profiles, from engineers to workers to customer service reps, and it offers vital services to homes and businesses. 

The public utility industry employs more than 2.5 million people, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This covers employment in the development, distribution, and transmission of natural gas, electric electricity, sewage treatment, and water purification. 

Numerous jobs are accessible in the public utility sectors as a result of population growth, city expansion, and economic growth. 

Is There A High Demand For Jobs In Public Utilities?

In the public utility industry, as was already mentioned, there are numerous job variations. Some professions, however, might have more stringent requirements than others. Depending on the utility’s nature and the needs of the state, different occupations may be required. The figure is only rising at this time. In reality, according to statistics, there will be an annual increase of 0.5% from 2017 to 2022.

In general, there are lots of jobs in public utilities due to the growth of the people, the economy, and the number of cities. Therefore, this is a great time to take the plunge and switch to public utility services. 

Services Offered By Public Utilities That Provide Exceptional Opportunities

To put it another way, we can say that working for a public utility is a wonderful way to start your career because you will receive several benefits. It’s time to look into the main divisions of the public utility agency and see what kinds of jobs are available.

  • Energy Public Utility Department:

More than 172,000 individuals were employed by the US electricity power department at the start of 2023. Electricity utilities come in a variety of forms, including: 

  1. Location services for underground utilities 
  2. Electrical services
  3. Utilities in rural areas 
  4. Electrical contractor services
  5. Public electric utility services

By the end of 2023, the USA’s energy industry will employ over 7.5 million people.

  • Natural gas

We’ve got some good news for those of you searching for the highest-paying positions in the natural gas distribution industry. It appears that the US has an extreme obsession with natural gas companies. It’s regarded as one of the most crucial industries in the US economy, according to the insiders.

This industry is in charge of giving the general public access to natural gas, which they then use to power buildings and heat facilities. This industry is growing quite well over time, much like the other sectors.

Many people are entering this industry daily. Therefore, we can always suggest this sector when someone inquires about the number of jobs in public utilities.

Additionally, over time, it has been among the industries with the fastest growth. The fact that so many people are learning about the advantages of using natural gas is probably what makes it so successful. For instance, natural gas is also used in the electric generation industry.

  • Management of Water and Waste

Water supply and sewage maintenance are two of the major businesses under water and waste management. Businesses and households are the primary clients of the water and waste control industry. The management of the entire water supply, from supplying clean water to cleaning sewage water, is the primary responsibility of this utility industry. 

  • Public Sector: 

There are many services provided by the public sector, including the police, fire agencies, public schools, and others. In the USA, the public sector department works with more than 20.2 million people.  

A Public Utility Worker’s Salary?

You must be aware of the salary range for individuals employed in the public utility industry when making plans for one of the many jobs available in this industry. The particular work position determines the salary. 

The sources indicate that an American utility worker makes, on average, 82k per year. Utility worker typically puts in 43.7 hours per week at their job. It is important to remember that salaries vary based on the demands of the position.

A worker will also receive a lot of perks in addition to pay. We should also point out that to be considered, applicants must possess a high school certificate or its equivalent. However, some businesses demand even more specific training and credentials.


To find out how many jobs are open in public utilities, you have to find the right division. You can choose from high-paying jobs like engineers, superintendents, controllers, and specialists depending on your abilities, schooling, and qualifications. Or you could select positions like client service or labor. You can apply for the appropriate job in the right department based on your qualifications. 


How would you describe a public utility?

An organization that offers products or services to the general population is known as a public utility.

Are jobs in the public utility department stable career paths?

Yes, because they are largely governed by the government, workers enjoy excellent pay and job security. The ups and downs of the economy have less of an impact on this industry. 

What is the significance of public utilities?

Infrastructure upgrades are funded in large part by public companies. Public utilities ensure effective, dependable operations and facilities to provide their essential services 24/7 in the best interests of their communities.

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