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The Ultimate Guide To Making A Prank Call That Will Leave Them Laughing

Prank Call

Prank calls can be a great way to have some fun and provide entertainment. Pranks are often seen as an art form, requiring creativity and quick thinking to come up with the right combination of words in order to get a good reaction from the person being pranked. 

Prank calls can be used as a harmless way to poke fun at someone, as well as a way to bring people together and have some good laughs. The trick is to strike the perfect balance between too serious and too obnoxious so that your victim won’t be offended but will still get the joke. 

Getting Started

Before you can start making prank calls, there are a few things to consider. These are:

Choosing Who To Prank

When you make a prank call, it is important to pick someone who will not be mad or hurt by the joke. The person should still find it funny and enjoyable.

Think about the person you want to prank. Ask yourself questions like: How old are they? What kind of sense of humor do they have? These factors will help you decide if it is a good idea to prank them.

Deciding On The Type Of Prank

Deciding on the type of prank is important because it can make or break your prank call. You want to choose a prank that will be funny and entertaining but not too serious or obnoxious. You may want to download prank-calling apps like Ownage Pranks. Ownage Pranks has a lot of features that will help you pull off the most exciting and hilarious prank.

Depending on the person you are pranking, you may need to adjust the joke to fit their sense of humor better. Also, consider if the prank might offend them or cause distress before planning it out. It’s always good to err on the side of caution!

Setting The Stage For The Prank

Setting the stage for a good prank is essential in order to ensure that you get the reaction you desire. Creating an environment where your victim feels comfortable and open to being pranked is key to getting a great result. 

This could mean setting up a specific scenario or using certain language they will understand or relate to. With the right setup, your victim won’t expect what’s coming next, and it will make the prank even funnier!

Top Prank Call Ideas

Now that you are ready to make the call, here are some fun ideas to get started with:

1. Scorned Lover

Call your friend and tell them you love them and miss them. When they ask who’s calling, act like you are sad. Ask how many people call to say they love the person. 

Keep pretending to be sad, even if you have to pretend to cry. The other person might try to help or just hang up the phone. 

2. Fake Job Interview

Call someone and pretend you are a recruiter, asking them for an interview. Ask the person questions you think they wouldn’t know the answer to. This could be anything from what color your hair is to how many people live on Middle Earth.

3. Prank Dialer 

This is a classic prank call that is sure to get some laughs. Call someone and ask if they want to use your free prank dialer service. When they answer yes, press a button that will make a loud noise or funny sound effects play through the phone. 

4. Fake Emergency

Call someone pretending you are in a dire situation and need help. Tell them you have been kidnapped or have been in a car accident and need help getting home. Make sure it’s not too serious so the person doesn’t panic! 

5. Celebrity Impersonator

Call up someone you know using a celebrity voice impersonation. It could be anything from Donald Trump to Miley Cyrus – just make sure you nail the impression!

6. It’s Been So Long!

First things first, you need to find a random number and the name of the person you’re going to prank call. Maybe you can ask your friends for help or do some internet sleuthing to track down the perfect target. Once you’ve got your mark, it’s time to make the call!

When you dial the number, act like you’re surprised to have found it and start chatting away. Pretend like you know them from somewhere and that you’re just trying to catch up. If they seem hesitant or suspicious, don’t worry – that’s all part of the fun! 

Try to give them some elaborate or even totally wild details about where you ‘know’ each other from to keep them guessing.

7.  Haunted House

This prank is definitely not for everyone, so make sure you only try it on someone who you know won’t be too freaked out by it. Basically, you’re going to call up a friend or family member and pretend to be the previous owner of their home.

At first, act like it’s no big deal and you’re just calling to chat. Then, in a quiet and serious voice, reveal that you need to confess something to them. Tell them that years ago, someone died in the house, and their spirit is still haunting the place. Make sure to sound really convincing and spooky!

But here’s the important part: if you see that it’s really upsetting the other person or they don’t seem to be taking it well, stop the prank and let them know that it’s just a joke. The last thing you want is to cause any real harm or distress – remember, it’s all in good fun!

Wrapping All Up

Pranking someone can be a great way to have a laugh with friends or family. However, it is important to ensure that your victim feels comfortable and open to the joke. 

There are many approaches to prank calls, such as pretending to be a scorned lover, a fake job interviewer, or even a celebrity impersonator. You can also create more elaborate prank calls, like setting up a fake emergency situation or pretending to be the previous owner of their home with a ghostly spirit haunting them. 

No matter which type of prank you choose, it’s important to make sure that your victim isn’t too distressed by the joke and always remember that it’s all in good fun.

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