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How to Make Applying Skincare More Fun

Applying Skincare

Having good soft and clear skin is a dream almost everyone has, but the process of getting it can be tedious and over time it feels like a chore. One product after another, slowly you will get tired of it and decide to skip it altogether.

Do not fret as there are ways to make applying your skincare more fun. It does not need to feel like a chore as it should be a way for you to pamper yourself. So, here are some suggestions that you can try to implement into your routine to make it more enjoyable for yourself.

Make It a Party

Applying your skincare does not need to be boring. Put on music, groove as you do, and dance a little. Unfortunately, many people often do their skincare in silence which can bore some people. As a result, they may start to neglect taking care of their skin.

It does not have to be music only; you can even turn on some podcasts or watch YouTube videos. Any sort of entertainment that you consume while applying skincare will make the process less boring.

So, the next time you apply your Cetaphil sunscreen in the morning, make sure to turn on some music or a podcast to listen to at the same time. As a bonus, as you listen to music, you will be able to boost your mood as well as take care of your skin.

Try Following Someone

Most of the time, our skincare routine gets repetitive as we do the same thing repeatedly every day. The same products, the same hand motions, and even the same sequence of products. To add some variation to your routine, try following a guide from the internet to make it more interesting.

The internet has many videos that centre around skincare; and among them are guides. There are guides to facial massages, product usage guides, as well as tips and tricks to make your skincare even more effective. These videos are also most often well explained and easy to follow. Even if you are a beginner or a skincare connoisseur, a guide video will help make your routine more enjoyable. A video can also help you learn a new technique that works even better than your current one.

Make Your Own Videos

Make Your Own Videos

To take things to another level, try making your own videos to upload on your social media. This will not only be entertaining for you but also for your friends and family who are on your following list. You can even act like your favourite internet personality or celebrity while recording to make it even more fun.

If you are shy, do not fret, for many social media platforms now have the option to show your posts to selected people only. So, you can act as silly as you want without fearing of being judged by those not close to you.

Not only that but the videos of you applying skincare or a sheet mask that you have posted can even be looked back on for fun. The video would make a fun little compilation for entertaining yourself whenever you need it.

Do it With Your Friend

Activities can be a bore when you do them alone, which is why you can always have a friend while doing your skincare. They can join in and apply skincare with you, making the process seem like it is also a bonding session. Not only that but having a self-pampering session has always been a popular sleepover party activity, and you can see why once you try it. However, your friend does not need to do their skincare with you all the time. You could even just be close to them to have some company as you do your routine. Having company instead of doing something alone is always much better. Plus, it even helps lift your mental health and mood.

Gamify Your Routine

Gamify Your Routine

One of the easiest ways to make any activity more fun is to make it into a game. Then, have goals and have rewards for yourself when you get goals done. You could even make long-term goals requiring you to finish a whole product before you buy new ones to try.

Plus, this way, you will have a clear goal to work towards. Most often than not, we would buy a new product before finishing the already existing products. This then leads to wasting the item as well as it will be pushed to the back of the skincare shelf and eventually expire.

Besides, by having a skincare game, you can even make different “levels” depending on the days of the week. For example, you could use a chemical or a physical exfoliant every fortnight or apply sheet masks every Friday as a treat.

Keep a Skincare Journal

Another fun way to make your skincare routine more entertaining is to journal down details. For example, you can jot down when you started using a product and its effects, or you could even describe it. Not only that, but you can even put down the expiration date of products just to keep track of your products. In addition, this will let you discover a new hobby, journaling while keeping your skin plump and healthy. There are many ways to make skincare more fun, and these are just some suggestions you can try. Don’t forget to find your own groove along with a routine that works best for you and your lifestyle. Good luck!

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