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Living with Oral Herpes – What Are the Do’s and Don’ts

Living with Oral Herpes

Did your partner diagnose oral herpes or HSV-1? It is hard to hear about the herpes diagnosis in your partner but relax and focus on essential things like protection and recovery. Initially, you may feel confused, angry, or scared about your partner with oral herpes. But remember that it is a common infection in society, and your partner is not the only one. Studies show that between the ages of 14 to 49 years, one in every six persons has herpes. Many herpes carriers didn’t know about the strains inside their body as their symptoms did not appear for years. 

However, living with oral herpes may scare you. Right? Here we will share some dos and don’ts that you need to follow to support your partner and live together. 

So let’s dive into it. 

What To Do For Living With Oral Herpes?

Oral herpes or herpes simply refers to HSV-1, which is common in society. The symptoms of oral herpes include cold sores, fever, lesions around the mouth, and others. 

Now the main query is what to do after hearing about an oral herpes diagnosis in the doctor’s office. First, you don’t need to be afraid of yourself or your partner. You need to ask plenty of questions from your doctors to understand everything about your infection. It will help you to proceed with the treatment options. 

Living with oral herpes demands precautions to avoid transmission in your partner and proper treatment. They can reduce the outbreaks in your body with oral herpes and minimize transmission. 

  • Take antiviral medications once or twice a day according to your doctor’s advice. It will help to reduce the outbreak in your body. 
  • Follow the topical treatment process that includes some painkillers to keep you relaxed and antiviral medicines for recovery. 
  • Ensure to maintain the treatment for managing oral herpes. 
  • Make regular checkups or follow-up visits with your doctor to properly check your body and outbreak condition. 
  • If your partner has oral herpes, provide emotional support for quick recovery. 
  • Remember that herpes is a sexually transmitted infection that spreads through skin-to-skin contact. So, stop your sexual life with your partner for some time and focus on your treatment. 

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What To Avoid With Oral Herpes?

As we already said, you can reduce the transmission of oral herpes with some care in a herpes hookup. So ensure to avoid sharing towels, utensils, or crocker with your partner who has oral herpes. It will help both partners to live in a place with reduced chances of transmission. 

Don’t neglect the minor changes in your condition, as it may lead to genital herpes, which has a quick transmission rate. 

Avoid touching the surfaces of the life toilet, washbasins, or others where you think the fluids of a herpes-positive person are available. Keep in mind that these are small things but can significantly impact your life, especially when living with oral herpes Positive Singles.

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