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What Is Linxup? Features, Alternatives & More 2023

Fleet Technician GPS Tracker

Linxup is a leading GPS tracking software for small and medium-sized businesses. The Linxup GPS vehicle tracker offers detailed reports, real-time locations, driver safety warnings, and past activity. The tracker is highly accurate and has a Google Map activated for easy vehicle location. You are also able to track the location of your vehicle using a mobile application on your phone. (iOS and Android).

If you want to know more about Linxup GPS tracking software then you are at the right place. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need about the Linxup software along with some best alternatives. 

What Is Linxup?

Linxup is a GPS monitoring software that provides fleet and asset tracking of all kinds of businesses. With the help of this software, you can improve and organize your business’s operational efficiency while offering your drivers better and improved traffic safety. Linxup GPS tracking can also reduce operational business expenses.

Furthermore, Linxup offers electronic logging device (ELD) solutions that can help businesses in maintaining FMCSA compliance (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

More than 45k businesses rely on Linxup to find and manage their fleets. To locate assets, control fleets, and track driver behavior, Linxup offers businesses GPS & OBD diagnostics devices that can send real-time data to its fleet management software.

It’s an effective vehicle tracker perfect for handling and monitoring both small and large fleets. With this tracker, you can keep tabs on important vehicle activity such as location records, stopping, speeding, harsh braking, idling, and more. You can also track vehicles in real time. The technology reduces fuel consumption and improves fleet efficiency. Use the Linxup app for iOS and Android to track vehicles at any time.


Here are some key features of Linxup:

Real-time GPS Tracking

There are many tracking options available from Linxup, but the best is the real-time GPS tracking feature. Fleet managers can quickly see information about the success of their fleet, such as speed, direction, and location or when the vehicle is moving and when it’s stopped. The complete journey history is displayed in the Google Maps live location view, along with signs, alerts, and other events. You can also select landmarks or geofences, which can be used to send notifications when the vehicle approaches or exits a specific region.

Driver Performance

With the Linxup GPS tracker, you can monitor the driver’s performance. This helps fleet managers to know about the vehicle or asset’s location at certain points in time. It also allows them to figure out whether or not their employee behaves while driving. Businesses can use Linxup GPS Tracking to make sure that their employees follow the rules and regulations that protect their safety. They receive action logs, including details about speed tracking, idling, harsh braking, and other activity reports.

Reduced Fuel Costs

It is more important than ever for businesses to reduce their transportation expenses as fuel costs are increasing. Businesses can generate reports with Linxup GPS Tracking that help them spend less on fuel usage. It even alerts fleet managers or business owners to which drivers are nearest to a location and which drivers waste a lot of time wandering around.

IFTA Reporting

This feature handles the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reports that are sent to the state’s Department of Transportation. The software can generate fuel and mileage tax information, calculate the fuel tax for each or every vehicle, and allow users to see fuel consumption and appropriate state tax amounts.

Enhanced Service

Linxup GPS Tracking offers advantages that are not limited to businesses that use the service. They also include the clients that each business serves. That’s because businesses can speed up reaction times by planning the best routes and sending out vehicles that can handle various traffic volumes.

Some Of The Best Alternatives For Linxup

Linxup GPS tracking software is one of the most simple and affordable priced fleet monitoring solutions available in the market. However, you can also explore other competing options and alternatives. We have compiled some of the best alternatives to Linxup, you can find the best product for your business.


ClearPathGPS is a tracking software for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers real-time GPS tracking with no contract. It’s easy to use and available for web and mobile apps.

RAM Tracking

RAM Tracking is user-friendly fleet management software designed to support Agencies and SMEs. They offer complete solutions for Windows. RAM Tracking offers services like GPS tracking, fuel management, maintenance management, routing, and VIN lookup in one location.


TrackMe is another best alternative GPS tracking software to manage your fleet created for SMEs and startups. TrackMe offers detailed records of your GPS tracks, including distance, speed, altitude (max, min), moving time and inactive time, and more. It’s available for both iOS & android.


Samsara is a one-stop platform for GPS tracking, safety, ELD compliance, and more. It will improve your fleet operations and reduce expenses. The software can be linked to dashboard cameras to improve driving safety. You can also keep an eye on vehicles in real time. With the platform’s advanced tracking features, you can monitor and handle equipment, trailers, and other assets.


GPSWox is one of the best alternatives to Linxup. It’s a global tracking company. It provides many tracking options for your personal or professional use, including mobile tracking apps, white label software, fleet tracking, and flagship software. With the help of GPSWOX software, you can track people, mobile devices, bikes, boats, vehicles, and goods online in real-time. You can simplify your job, reduce expenses, and secure your personal belongings with the help of the GPS server.


The Linxup GPS vehicle tracker is ideal for both business and personal vehicles. The software is made to fit your needs because each business has specific requirements. You can purchase as many subscriptions and add-on features as you need. We also discussed some of the best tracking GPS alternatives to Linxup. If you are a business owner, you might want to consider investing in these softwares.

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