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Like Butter Small Sectional Review

Butter Small Sectional

Searching for a sofa that matches your taste and needs is nearly impossible. But things take a turn for the better with the ‘Like Butter Small Sectional’ sofa. It’s an entirely customizable sofa set that offers both comfort and versatility paired with a minimalist design.

It is manufactured by the award-winning BenchMade Modern, which is a well-known digital furniture retailer. Recognized for its personalized items and outstanding customer service, this interior décor store has earned features in reports published by The New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes, and others.

This article will help offer a detailed review of the ‘Like Butter Small Sectional’ sofa, so keep reading if it tweaks your interest.

What is it?

The Like Butter Small Sectional is a sofa set that stands vibrantly and adds elegant modifications to whatever room you place it in. Thus, giving owners the satisfaction of having won something simply with the addition of a comfortable sofa piece. 

If you are looking for a customizable couch that will attract the attention of your guests when you invite them over for dinner parties, say no more, as the Like Butter Small Sectional can turn heads with its sleek design that complements your cozy living room significantly.

What are the features?


Imagine relaxing in your living room, reading a book next to the open windows as the sun shines in. This is what the BenchMade Like Butter Small Sectional is made for. Its Appalachian Trillium-filled cushions offer you a plush seating display. You will utterly melt into the couch once you place your buttocks on it.

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Easy Customizability: 

With the option to choose any sizing, fabric, cushion, and legs, you can proudly showcase this small modular sectional in your home according to your preferred style. The laid-back seating arrangement and armrest positioned at higher heights create a pleasant layout that relaxes anybody who sits in it.

Great build:

Like its larger counterpart, the Like Butter Small’s frame has a relaxed build, and its height is low and easy for lounging in any position you like. It doesn’t only look good in appearance but feels incredibly light and comfortable thanks to its high-end fabric.

Heavy-duty Material:

It is fastened with inbuilt heavy steel curling wires or sinuous springs that secure the interior. The Trillium-filled cushions and pillows give the couch a medium-density build that is durable. You can easily customize the textiles and colors.

Why use Like Butter Small Sectional Sofa?

  • Once the sofa is customized, BenchMade will personalize the sofa and deliver them with sophistication.
  • They guarantee a great deal of high-quality fabrics and upholstery dressed with vitality.
  • It comes with the benefit of a lifetime warranty that allows you to contact the company in case of any problems with the furniture.
  • It is adorned with a combination of dried kiln and structured hardwood frame that enhances both durability and beauty. 
  • BenchMade provides a less stressful purchasing process by delivering you specific material swatches so you can see the textiles for yourself.


  • It is an excellent option for modern homeowners looking to experiment with furniture sets.
  • It comes with maximized comfort that’s just as good as its minimalist artistry and durability. 
  • You can get a versatile set of sizing, fabric, and more to choose from to get the desired sofa. 


  • The low height of the legs make the sofa deep and may be an inconvenience to get in and out of.
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