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How Lighting Can Affect The Feel Of Your Home

Home Lighting

Lighting is responsible for creating ambiance and impacting the atmosphere and the mood of everyone in the home. That is why planners invest in lights for different reasons. Apart from the Illumination benefits, you can use light to create an illusion of space and upscale the quality of your design features. Overall, lighting can affect the feel of your home in more than a few ways, so keep reading to learn how.

An Illusion Of More or Less Space

Did you know that lighting can create a sense of more or less space in a home? Natural and artificial illumination both play a role in this. Experts will tell you that the brighter the light, the bigger the room will look, while the dimmer the light, the smaller the room will look. Full spectrum lighting has remained the most effective way to create spatial impressions, which is why engineers and decorators use them to create effects.

While it is near impossible to attract more natural light into your home besides creating larger windows, you can install artificial lighting to make the house brighter than normal. Fortunately for homeowners, there’s LED technology, which is cheaper and long-lasting, and they have different color spectrums you can choose from. 

Impact On Color

Another way lighting can impact the feel of your home is its effect on color. The quality of light used in your rooms will impact the color your eyes see. That is why choosing the right lights and placing them in the right positions in your room is important. You much of it will make the room saturated and may affect your circadian rhythm; too little of it will create an imbalance and shadows in corners of the room.

You don’t want your home to look gloomy but upbeat, so you want to ensure the rooms have the perfect lights.

Room Functionality

Homes have rooms, and each one serves a different purpose. Regardless of their purposes, you want your rooms to be attractive and fit for purpose, right? The only way to use your rooms best is to give them the right amount of natural and artificial light. Lighting is essentially for illumination, so you should understand that not all rooms require the same light volume; some require more, and others require less lighting. Bedrooms require less light, and kitchens require more lighting.

Living rooms require a perfect balance as you don’t want too much or too little. Such areas require aesthetic luxury recessed lighting to bring out the beauty of the space. For bathrooms and kitchens, there is no harm in installing luxury lights, but a premium should be placed on functionality over beauty to prevent accidents.

It Heightens Emotions

Lights can heighten human emotions in one of two ways; if you are feeling positive, the quality of light in the room will heighten the feeling, but if you are feeling negative, the bad feeling will be heightened by lightning, too. Excessive light can increase what you are feeling because of heat. Bright lights create heat, which has an impact on human emotions.

For instance, if you walk into a jewel store, you will notice that the rings, bracelets, and necklaces are stored in compartments surrounded by bright lights, but why so? This is because the light positively affects the customer who walks in. In interrogation rooms, the lights are always dim to unsettle the suspect, so they lose a grip on themselves. Light can affect the mood in your home as it does in nonresidential environments. Do endeavor to install insulation with the right lights for your home.

Calm The Senses

Last but not least is the next that it can calm your senses and help you relax after a long day at work. If you install yellow lights, your mind will be at ease, triggering your brain to relax the muscles. Warm colors inspire calmness, while hot colors heighten activity.


Lighting can make your home welcoming or uncomfortable, so you should use bulbs with adequate intensity to make the most of your living space. Knowing the right intensity for your rooms should depend on the common tasks. Bright lights suit work areas and warm lights are best for relaxation spaces.

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