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The Best Letting Agents Located In London

Letting Agents

The job of a letting agent is to be a facilitator between a landlord and tenant for renting properties and alike, for easier communication and rent collection.

They focus on communicating with the tenant during the entire time of their stay, including organizing maintenance or inspections, and any depository disputes that may occur.

The best-letting agents in London, like Oasis Living, can be tricky to find if you don’t know where to look or you’ve had no prior experience when hiring one. Luckily for you, this article features all the tips and tricks you need to know about finding and hiring the best letting agents that are out there.

How Do I Choose The Best Letting Agent In London?

There are a lot of aspects you need in order to get the best-letting agent in London, and a lot of it comes down to knowing what you and your company need from them in the first place. You don’t want to be mucked about with, and they don’t want to have their time wasted when they already have clients they need to help out with too.

Here is a list of things you need to figure out both before and during the interview with your letting agent, so you can get the best of their services, and so no bodies time is wasted. 

  • Check out websites online about the best-letting agents in London, like Oasis Living, so you can find local and generally close by agents
  • Decide on the services you need for your process and overall campaign. If you’re unsure and still want to talk about what you can do, often letting agents are able to provide you with solutions and how they will implement them
  • Compare prices between the different agencies, and decide on what budget suits your needs more
  • Review for scams and money protection schemes, if any, to ensure that you aren’t going to suffer financially, or get with a letting agent that isn’t legit
  • Talk to them about how you want your future relationship to be with them, is this long-term, short-term, etc

In order to get the best of your buck, you need to be able to answer at least some of these questions yourself, before asking the letting agent and figure out what you need more in your campaign, why you’re hiring, or why you’re going to them in the first place.

Can You Haggle With London Letting Agents?

Maybe your landlord has increased the rent while you living there, or rent increased while wanting to move into that property, it seems unfair, right? So would you be able to haggle with the letting agent and see if you can lower the price or come to a better agreement?

A lot of people think that rent is actually set in stone, but they’ll be shocked to know that this isn’t the case. Sometimes it is actually possible to negotiate with the landlord or letting agent in charge to bring the price down, even if just slightly.

It’s important to note however that you should be properly informed throughout the entire process, on both how you can negotiate the rent cost on a property, and the information needed when coming to a price that’s fair to both you and the agent or landlord.

Doing some market research is important when negotiating because you can then compare local marketing to the property you’re wanting to purchase, which could potentially decrease its value.

This includes things like if the property is furnished, tax, bills, financial commitments, knowing its property report to see previous figures, looking for flaws in the property, and more. 

It’s important to note however if it’s clear that the landlord or letting agent doesn’t want to negotiate, and has verbally or written to you and told you their thoughts on the matter, to respect their wishes and in some cases move on or accept the price it’s already at.

In short, yes you can haggle and negotiate the price of the property with even the best  London letting agents, but it is up to the landlord to decide whether or not they’re okay with lowering the price or coming to an agreement.

How Much Does The Best Letting Agents Charge In London?

When it comes down to the fees and how much the best-letting agents in London charge people for their services, it ultimately depends on a couple of things. Experience and location are two of the most prominent factors in their pricing.

Letting agents in London generally charge a percentage of the rental income that comes in, the average being about 10% more or less. This depends very much so on where you live, and the agents you use. Some fees even add up to 7% to 20% of monthly rent.

Some letting agents charge depending on the work that you have tasked for them to do as well, like referencing tenants, masking tenancy agreements, or managing bits of the property. This should be looked out for because it can cost quite a lot this way. Knowing your budget and your limits is important.

Sometimes the price can be negotiated for, especially if you’re guaranteed to be getting rent for longer with that specific tenant or client. Seeing if you can lower your letting agent’s price could be helpful for your own financial income.

 Final Thoughts

There are a lot of aspects you need to consider when it comes to hiring the best of the best letting agents in London, like Oasis Living. You want to be ensured that you are in safe hands and neither of you will be mucked about with.

They are, however, worth the money when doing their job right, and finding the ones that follow the right process can be easier than you think. Compare prices between different agencies and review for scams or money protection schemes to ensure you’re picking the right and the best-letting agency in London.

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