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Lepro LED Panel Light vs. Fluorescent | Which One is Better?

Lepro LED Panel Light

With the wide-spreading use of a LED Panel Light, more people want to know if it is worth replacing fluorescent lights. After reading this article, you will know why LED Lights are such hype. They are green and based on energy-saving technology. Let us compare conventional lighting with LED lighting.

LED Panel Light vs. Fluorescents for High Bay Lighting

For ceilings that are around 30 feet from the floor, a LED Panel light offers better color temperature, lumen output, and color rendering. Its lighting quality is also superior to that of fluorescents.

Due to the higher durability of LED lights, you would need to replace them less frequently, unlike fluorescent light. High bay lighting demands a lot of lifts and scaffolding, so considering lifespan is quite important.

LED panel lights are more expensive than Fluorescent when it comes to costs. But the energy consumption compensates for the higher pricing. Yes, LED Lights consume much less energy and thus save you money over a longer period. Their heat emission ratio is also less than that of fluorescent lighting.

Moreover, fluorescent lights are omni-direction, meaning that they distribute their light in all directions. It wastes a lot of energy and money. In contrast, LED Panel Light product beams are only headed in the target direction.

As it clearly shows that LED Panel Lights outperform conventional lighting for high bay lighting. Let us now find out about Troffer and Drop Ceiling Lighting!

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For Troffer and Drop Ceiling Lighting

LED lights are good at enduring cold temperatures and frequent on/off operations, unlike fluorescent lights. Thus, the lifespan of the latter reduces greatly due to its sensitivity to these two factors. The longer lifespan of LED lights implies fewer maintenance costs and less time spent on fixtures.

In the case of fluorescent troffers, the performance depends on the lamps used. Thus, it is very likely for a lamp to fail in a fixture. Moreover, these are not dimmable like LED lights are, so you cannot control light distribution, color temperatures, and color rendering as per your needs.

For Vapor Tight Lighting

Usually, one vapor-tight fixture needs 1 – 4 fluorescent lamps. 4-foot fixtures require 160 watts for high bay and linear type lighting. However, in the case of LED lights, one fixture needs around 10 – 50 watts. The numbers clearly show how LED light can save you a lot of energy costs.

As mentioned above, LED Lights are more endurable to extreme temperatures and frequent on/off operations than conventional lights. Moreover, the longer lifespan of LEDs means less maintenance and replacement costs. So, LED outperforms fluorescent in the case of Vapor Tight Lighting as well.

LED Panel Lights Versus Fluorescent | Which is Better?

It is proven by the above discussion that LED Panel Lights are better than conventional lighting. You can head to the Lepro store to buy amazing Dimmable LED Panel Light with excellent light distribution and longer durability.

The Bottom Line!

LED Panel Light is a superior choice for different types of lighting applications. Fluorescent is a conventional lighting type that people have difficulty giving up. But once you know what LED light has to offer, it gets easier to decide to go green and advanced.

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