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Lana Del Rey – Know Everything About The Singer Who Rose To Fame

Lana Del Rey

Who isn’t crazy about singers? People who have great taste in music are always curious about their favorite singers. This also leads to knowing everything about them, be it, their childhood, personal life, etc. The situation is the same when it comes to Lane Del Rey. The fans of Lana Del Rey are in love with her and want to know everything about her life. They are intrigued to know how she became popular within a short duration. 

Lana Del Rey is not only an American singer but is also a songwriter, record producer, model, video director, as well as a poet. Her songs are not only famous among common people but are also praised by critics for their amazing stylized cinematic quality, themes along with tragic romance. 

However, there are a lot of facts related to Lana Del Rey’s life till now that everybody wants to know. She is beautiful, charming, and successful plus the lifestyle of Lana Del Rey makes it worth knowing everything about her. So, without wasting much time, here is a biography of Lana Del Rey. 

Lana Del Rey Early Life 

There are many questions when it comes to Lana’s birthplace like where Lana Del Rey is from, etc. As per the sources and reports, Lana Del Rey was known to be born the name of Elizabeth Woolridge Grant on June 21, 1985. She was born in New York City. To answer the question of Lana Del Rey’s age, in 2023 she will be 38 years old. She is the oldest child of Robert England Grant Jr. who is known to be the copywriter of Grey Group, an entrepreneur. Also, Patricia Ann Pat is known to be a former account executive of Grey. 

Lana is known to have one younger sister and brother, named Caroline Grant and Charlie. She also has one niece named Phoenix who is known to be the daughter of Caroline. As per the sources, Lana’s grandfather was Robert England Grant Sr. which means Lana is of Scottish descent. 

When it comes to her childhood, she spent most of her childhood in rural Lake Placid in New York, and is said that she was raised by Roman Catholics. Also, her schooling is from a Catholic elementary school. She also began singing when she was a child and started it during church choir and was a cantor. 

At the age of 15, Lana Del Rey was sent to Kent school because of her alcohol abuse. However, before she became a famous singer, she was interested in being a poet. After graduating, gradually she started writing songs and began with her singing in the nightclubs in the city.

While doing all this, she also got admission to Fordham University and majored in philosophy. However, while being in college she moved to New Jersey and also volunteered in various programs of drug and alcohol. 

Latest News About Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey’s Career

When it comes to Lana Del Rey’s career, it has been quite a journey for her. As per the sources and reports, when she came back to New York and started college, she started making connections with various musicians who helped to take a risk with her music. Also, after learning guitar from her uncle, Lana began her music writing. This led her to write and complete her first album which is known as Sirens. This was the beginning of her musical journey which showed a fragile take on Lana’s voice as well as sound. 

During the year 2005, she began singing in various clubs in New York City and continued this for some years. However, she was famous for her stage name ‘May Jailer’, then ‘Lizzy Grant’ but became famous as ‘Sparkle Jump Rope Queen’. 

As per the sources, over the years, Lana Del Rey has created many beautiful and famous song albums. In the year 2007, she began working on her album Lana Del Rey, then in the year 2010, her album Born to Die Era, in the year 2012 she began with her album Paradise Era, in the year 2014 she did the album Ultraviolence Era, in the year 2015 she did Honeymoon Era, in the year 2017 Lana did Lust for Life Era, in the year 2018 she did Norman Fucking Rockwell Era and so on. 

However, Lana Del Rey’s recent album is named ‘Did you know that there’s a Tunnel under Ocean Blvd Era’ which people loved. 

Lana Del Rey’s Personal Life

The personal life of Lana Del Rey has been slightly chaotic. However, her fans are still interested to know more and more about her personal life. According to the sources, Lana during her teenage years suffered from alcoholism. But since 2004, she has been sober. 

However, when it comes to her love life, she has been in various relationships. As per the reports and sources, Lana Del Rey was known to be in a relationship initially with a photographer named Francesco Carrozzini till 2015 and they ended it due to some conflicts. She also had a relationship with Steven Mertens. 

In the year 2017, she was involved personally with someone but there is nothing much about his name. In 2019, Lana Del Rey was dating an actor called Chase Stogel but they parted ways in the year 2020. 

Lana has also dated Clayton Johnson who is known to be a musician as well as a singer but they split up in the year 2021. As of now, there is no information about her current boyfriend. 

Lana Del Rey Social Media Presence 

There is no denial in the fact that Lana Del Rey is famous and loved by many. To be connected with her fans, Lana is known to be present on various social media platforms. As per sources, she has around 2 million followers on Twitter, she is also on Instagram 1.7 million followers, and on Facebook 600,000 followers, 

Lana Del Rey’s Net Worth 

According to the sources, Lana Del Rey’s net worth is known to be $30 million. She is known to be earning via her singing, shooting projects, various endorsements, etc. Over the past few years, her popularity and net worth have only increased. 


There is a deep love for singers like Lana Del Rey. She is immensely popular and her fans connect with her on a deeper level. No wonder, Lana has had her ups and downs but she has come out to be stronger and more successful in her professional and personal life. She is always in the limelight and is great when she is on the stage. However, it is safe to say that whenever she is coming with her new album, people are going to love it more. 


·        What is Lana Del Rey’s real name? 

Lana Del Rey’s real name is Elizabeth Woolbridge Grant. 

·        What is her most famous music album? 

Lana’s most famous music album is known to be ‘Born to Die’ which was released in the year 2012. 

·        What is Lana Del Rey’s height? 

Lana Del Rey’s height is known to be 5’7” inches. 

·        What is the eye color and sun sign of Lana Del Rey?

Lana Del Rey is known to have black eye color and cancer is her sun sign. 

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