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What Is Beautyforever Lace Closure Wig?

Lace Closure Wig

In this modern era, the lace closure wig gives the black woman a sense of elegance and empowerment. Lace closure wigs blend in with all hair types, whether it’s short, natural, perm, or curly, making it popular for its versatility.

What is a Lace Closure Wig?

A lace closure wig that is strategically placed in the center of the head or to achieve a side part style. Wigs usually have hair bent in a “horseshoe style” in pieces of French or Swiss lace.

Lace closure wigs come in different sizes such as 5” x 5”, 4” x 4” or 6” x 6” and usually you have a choice when it comes to the variety of colors. Get spoiled.

Benefits of Buying a Lace Closure Wig

Blends With Multiple Hair Origins:

Lace closure wigs have a variety of hair types including Malaysian, Brazilian, Indian, and Peruvian that blend well with different hairstyles such as dark, natural, straight, or curly hair. Lace closure wigs usually look natural if installed properly and often blend well with natural hair along the hairline area.

Hair texture:

The advantage of buying a lace closure wig is the variety of textures to choose from such as deep wave, straight, curly, natural wave, or body wave.

Size of Hair Closure and Density:

It comes in both regular and custom sizes like 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 with density 150%, 180%, 200%.

Hair Length:

Lace closure wigs come in different length sizes, from 8 to 30 inches, which are easily available at most beauty shop outlets.

Hair Material:

The hair materials used are usually natural, healthy, and sustainable. It does not smell or sting even after use.

Protective Style:

Lace closures are usually sewn securely to cover the top and, if installed properly, easily give the wig a natural look to the wearer.

Cheap Prices:

These are the best favorable lace closure wigs because they are usually worth the price when you compare the benefits.

Easy to Color:

Lace closure wigs are easy to dye, and because of the fixed position of the wig, it is also difficult to damage your real strands.

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Easy Installation Steps

Compared to the traditional lace closure stitch, the lace closure itself is also much easier to work with. Either use wig glue or not, you can secure it by simply sewing an elastic band over it, which is a totally beginner-friendly step.

Below are the methods for installing a lace closure wig.

  • Blend the skin color with the lace wig by bleaching.
  • Braid more natural hair & wear pieces of hair net.
  • Apply the wig and make adjustments until it looks perfect.

Finally, apply a small amount of adhesive in a thin line as you gently press it securely. Another alternative is to use thicker sewing thread and a needle that is c-shaped to attach the lace closure to the U-shaped tracks.


Beautyforever hair bundles and lace closure wigs are highly recommended and popular with those who are new to lace wigs, and offer you the best value for money as well as beauty and confidence, with Also a fashion statement.

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